Nokia Enters into New 5G Patent Agreement with Oppo


Given the long-winded legal troubles between Nokia and Oppo over the past year, we wouldn’t blame you if a “Nokia and Oppo Agreement” wasn’t on your 2024 bingo card. With that being said though, it looks like the two companies have finally come to an agreement with regards to previously-disputed patented 5G technology, as announced by Nokia earlier today.

The new agreement between the two companies resolves all pending patent litigation in all jurisdictions. As such, Oppo will have to fulfill royalty payments, in addition to catch-up payments to cover the periods of non-payment, although the terms of the new agreement will remain confidential as agreed by all the parties involved. Feng Ying, OPPO’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer comments:

“We are pleased to have reached this global patent cross-license agreement with Nokia, which includes cross-licensing for 5G standard-essential patents. This agreement reflects the mutual recognition and respect for each other’s intellectual property and lays the foundation for future collaboration between OPPO and Nokia. OPPO continues to advocate for reasonable royalty fees and a long-term approach to intellectual property that supports the resolution of disputes through amicable negotiations and mutual respect for the value of all intellectual property.”

For those unfamiliar with the whole story, Nokia originally pursued legal action against Oppo, citing violations over several patents including those covering 5G technology. This resulted in the sales ban of select Oppo hardware in certain markets including Germany, although this new agreement might change the current ruling in place.

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