My favorite 20TB NAS HDD is down to just $269 — this is the best Black Friday storage deal


Seagate makes some of the best NAS HDDs you can buy at the moment, and I recently talked about how the Exos X20 is my favorite NAS drive. The brand’s IronWolf series is usually positioned as the go-to option for home NAS buyers, and the Exos series is aimed at enthusiast users and business customers. But with the Exos X20 sharing the same hardware as the 20TB version of the IronWolf Pro — and better vibration resistance in 24/7 use — it makes sense to take a look at the drive.

I used the Exos X20 for most of the year alongside various IronWolf Pro drives, and it has been just as reliable. Now for the good part — the Exos X20 is now on sale for just $269 at Newegg, in what is arguably the best NAS HDD deal you’ll find this Black Friday. The drive usually retails for $345, which is still a better value than the equivalent IronWolf Pro, but the fact that you can get it at just $269 makes this an unmissable deal if you’re looking to increase the storage of your NAS.


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