Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker Steps Down as CEO


Mozilla recently announced that it would be undergoing significant changes with regards to company leadership, as announced by outgoing CEO Mitchell Baker in an official post. Baker will step down from her position as Chief Executive Officer, and will be replaced by Laura Chambers.

With that being said, Baker adds that she will remain within the company as Mozilla Corporation Executive Chairwoman. As per her post:

“Today marks a significant moment in our journey, and I am thrilled to share some important news with you. After much thoughtful consideration, I have decided to transition from the role of CEO of Mozilla Corporation back to the position of Mozilla Corporation Executive Chairwoman, a role I held with great passion for many years… Enter Laura Chambers, a dynamic board member who will step into the CEO role for the remainder of this year. Laura brings a wealth of experience, having been an active and impactful member of the Mozilla board for three years.”

In addition to her role as board member at Mozilla, Chambers has also held positions at Airbnb, PayPal, eBay and served as CEO of Willow Innovations. Baker’s announcement also mentions the need for better transparency in an age where public trust in governments and institutions has reached “unprecedented” lows, especially with the rise of AI.

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