Motorola Announces Affordable Moto Watch 40 Smartwatch


Motorola launched the Moto Watch 70 and Watch 200 in May of last year. Both of them had Apple Watch-like size, which is not something that people with relatively small hands prefer. To fill in the gap, the company has launched the Moto Watch 40.

As far as the size goes, the new Moto Watch 40 is basically the compact version of the Moto Watch 70. But even though there has been a size reduction, the new watch is as capable of keeping you informed of your health and fitness as its larger siblings.

Main Highlights of the Moto Watch 40

There are a good number of things that Motorola did right with this compact fitness band-like smartwatch. Let’s give you a rundown of the main highlights to give you more idea of what it brings to the table:

Good Display with a Lot of Customization Options

On the front, the Moto Watch 40 comes with a 1.57-inch LCD screen that’s surrounded by a curved bezel. The curved bezel gives the smartwatch a premium look, and as the screen has a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels, you can expect to see crisp text and images on it.

Moto Watch 40 display

Talking of which, Motorola allows you to customize the watch in 100 different ways through custom layouts and photos. You can make the Moto Watch 40 truly yours by changing the watchface and making it show exactly what you want it to show.

In addition, the Watch 40 comes with an 18 mm strap, which means you have a lot of options in this aspect too. The smartwatch also has an easy swap-out mechanism, which ensures that you can quickly change the bands.

Accurate Fitness and Health Tracking

The Moto Watch 40 doesn’t back down on the tracking aspects. It comes with a lot of sensors to give you a comprehensive look at your health. For example, the smartwatch can give you a proper idea of how you sleep. It can track deep, light, and REM sleep and give you updates.

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You can sync the sleep data with Google Fit, which will offer you an even more advanced look at your nightly sleep. But the Moto Watch 40 can’t just only track sleep. The smartwatch has always-on heart tracking. It monitors your heart 24/7 and lets you know how you’re doing with an ongoing chart.

Sleep tracking Watch 40

The fitness watch also has SpO2 and Accelerometer, which allows it to offer other tracking features. Like the sleep data, you can sync all the health metrics that the Watch 40 collects to Google Fit. Also, as it comes with an IP67 rating, you can expect it to withstand challenging conditions with ease.

Smart Notifications and Reliable Battery Life of Moto Watch 40

You don’t need to get your phone out to see what text you’ve received. The Moto Watch 40 shows all the notifications from your favorite apps. It even allows you to silence the apps that you don’t want to receive notifications from.

Smart notifications Moto Watch 40

Another aspect where this Motorola smartwatch shines is in terms of battery life. The Watch 40 can offer up to 10 days of runtime, making it a reliable option for everyday wear. It also comes with a rapid charging feature, letting the watch go from 0 to 100% extremely fast.

Motorola Moto Watch 40

Pricing and Availability of Moto Watch 40

The Moto Watch 40 is available at the official Motorola website at $65, which is reasonably affordable. You can pick it up in Rose Gold and Phantom Black colorways. If you’re looking for alternatives, you can check out the Redmi Smart Band 8.

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