mining profitability – Calculating daily mined BTC


Here are two methods to calculate an estimate for your profitability.

There are an expected 144 blocks per day each producing a subsidy of 6.25 ₿. That’s an expected total of 900 new bitcoins per day. Your miner has 110 TH/s (1.1×1014 H/s). Mining pools are currently self-reporting a total hashrate of 525.35 EH/s (5.2535×1020 H/S).
Your expected revenue R is a proportion of the total reward equal to your proportion of the hashrate:

R / 900 ₿ = 110 TH/s / 525.35 EH/s  
R = 900 ₿ × 1.1E14 / 5.2535E20  
R = 90,000,000,000 sats × 1.1 / 5,253,500  
R = 18,844.6 sats

Obviously this would be increased by the fees collected by these blocks and the increased block production we see most of the time.

H    your hashrate in Hash/s
D    the current difficulty
S    the block subsidy
R    your revenue per day

Finding a block takes an expected D×248/65,535 hashes. The current difficulty is 67,305,906,902,031. There are 60×60×24 = 86,400 seconds per day.

R = H × seconds_per_day × S / (D×2^48/65,535)
R = H × 86,400 × S × 65,535 / (D×2^48)
R = 1.1e14 H/s × 3600×24 s × 6.25 ₿ × 65,535 / (67,305,906,902,031×2^48) = 0.000205479 ₿
R = 20,457.9 sats

I used the current subsidy for the reward of a block here, but you would have to adjust that with the expected fees collected which currently are significant.
Checking my calculation against the results of Nicehash’s profitability calculator puts the above estimates in the right ballpark when considering the recent substantial fees:

Result of plugging the same values into Nicehash’s profitability calculator estimates a an approximate income of 28,252 sats.


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