Microsoft Copilot Pro is for all you AI super users out there


Towards the end of 2023, Microsoft launched Copilot, its AI powered virtual assistant. If you feel that its features are a bit limited, then you’re in luck as Microsoft has announced Copilot Pro. This is a subscription program that will unlock additional features of Copilot AI.

Microsoft says that Copilot Pro was created with two types of AI users in mind. This includes power users and those who might want to see deeper integration of Copilot within Microsoft’s other products and services, like Microsoft 365.

With the subscription, users will be able to gain priority access to the latest AI models during peak times. Microsoft also says that there will be improved image generation of 100 boosts per day. It will include better and more detailed image quality and landscape image formats. Copilot Pro will also allow users to build their own Copilot GPT in the Copilot GPT Builder.

This will come in handy for users and organizations that want a more tailored AI for specific internal uses. Lastly, Copilot Pro will also grant access to the AI in Microsoft 365 across all platforms for Personal and Family subscribers.

Copilot Pro will cost $20 a month. For context, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus costs the same minus the Microsoft integration. If you think that this will be useful for your needs, then this could be worth checking out.


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