Majority’s Oakington all-in-one DAB Radio CD Player is a music system that combines a timeless style with exceptional audio.


With impressive patented HD sound using the 30-watt speaker system and a host of listening options, it is the ideal system for music lovers new and old

The Oakington music system is an all-in-one solution for listening to music, radio, and even old CDs. It has a built-in CD player, DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio, and Bluetooth, AUX-IN, and USB connectivity. This means you can listen to your favorite music, radio stations, podcasts, or playlists from a variety of sources.

Whether you’re using the Oakington music system at a party, while working, cleaning the house, or just for some background noise, it’s easy to get the tunes playing and enjoy cinematic sound quickly.

Here are some of the key features of the Oakington music system:

  • Built-in CD player
  • DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio
  • Bluetooth, AUX-IN, and USB connectivity
  • Cinematic sound
  • Simple to use

Hear music in excellent quality with the Oakington’s patented HD sound using the 30-watt speaker system that is acoustically tuned in Cambridge with industry leading technology. With crystal clear stereo sound that is crisp, it will bring a depth and warmth when listening and fill a room easily without distortion. When listening, the included remote helps to give easy control and can also allow for personalisation with custom EQ settings.

Not only super convenient and with impressive sound, the Oakington also looks great in any home or office environment. Sleek, elegant and versatile, it is available in two wooden finishes with an aluminium front to be an unassuming unit with a classic style that will fit neatly and complement any environment.

The Oakington DAB Radio CD Player & Music System is available on Amazon and the Majority website for £139. Currently available in Oak. Walnut is available early October.



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