Latest Fitbit Charge 5 update is causing a lot of issues


Fitbit released an update for the Charge 5 back in December 2023. Updates are generally a good thing because it means new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Unfortunately, Charge 5 owners are finding issues with their devices following the update. A pinned post on the Fitbit forums has revealed hundreds of complaints.

Following the update in December, many Fitbit Charge 5 owners are discovering a myriad of problems with their device. This includes battery issues where the wearable loses charge overnight. Some are more serious where the device has been bricked and is unresponsive. This is not the first time a Fitbit update has messed up the device, so it is disappointing that the QA process wasn’t done better.

What’s surprising is Google’s response to the issue. The company issued a statement to the BBC in which they denied that the update caused the problems. They are also advising that users should continue to update their devices.

“We’re still investigating this issue, but can confirm it is not due to the recent firmware update. Users should continue to update their devices to the latest firmware and contact Fitbit Customer service at if they encounter any issues.”

It’s a bit odd that Google doesn’t think the update is the cause of the issue. With hundreds of complaints following the update, it does feel like the update could be the culprit. Some users have taken to factory resetting their devices. If you find these issues unbearable, perhaps that is something you could look into.


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