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While Bitcoin is busy seesawing in a slim-fitting range, Cryptopay launched 4 new coins and is smartening up for you. Here’s in details:


Total June 2021 revenue: €1,420,315
June 2021 Revenue share: €142,031
Share per 100 CPAY: €0.157
Distribution date: July 9th, 2021
June 2021 Revenue share in ETH: 78.1204 ETH


After a monthful of continuous struggle, Bitcoin is down 12% and trades just above $34k. Along with it, down goes Ether (down 18.9%) and most other cryptocurrency assets. The cause seems to be the usual ‘Rebound in Covid-19 cases -> economy is feeling drowsy and cannot shake it off -> investors move to safer havens or try to, at least.’ Some hope that BTC will reach new heights ($65k and higher), some forebode a fall to $20k and lower, but at the moment consolidation between $30k-$35k is where we at. And where we go from here and how soon, only time will tell.


June 2021 was the first month in a long while that hasn’t beaten its predecessor — the revenue it brought us was a bit humbler.

B2B performed at the same stellar level (2% growth) and repeated April’s success (the best in history yet). At the same time, B2C reverted to pre-hype January 2021 level when the posse of cool cryptocoins haven’t shown just how volatile they can get yet, and our ‘standard’ revenue was purely organic. Both the EEA card programme and bank transfers are feeling lively, and the only thing that brings the numbers down is the Wallet exchange transfers, which is only to be expected given that they were the main culprit behind the anomalous revenue growth spurred by violent shakes of the exchange rates. This wasn’t the case in June, so the numbers must surely reflect the normal expected organic revenue of Cryptopay (fingers crossed).

Talking about the future, seeing that our brand-new marketing team is just getting started, the following few months should probably match June. Unless, of course, the market has its say and do something — good or bad — in its highly unpredictable fashion. If not, natural organic growth it is.

Apart from that, we’ve been quite busy lately revamping and redesigning the website. You should be able to witness the new look soon. We’ve also launched 4 new coins — please give your warmest welcome to LINK, SNX, UNI and AAVE. B2B will return to its glamorous life of events and conferences presently, and we shall shed some light on it as soon as they do.

Have we already tempted you to try new coins? Because, you know, you can quite easily buy them in your Cryptopay account. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it must feel good to try new things once in a while 😉

However, if it’s the revenue share you’re after — you can withdraw it here. This guide will remind you how to do it.

See you soon!


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