JLab’s New Epic Lab Edition Earbuds are its Most Premium True Wireless Product to Date and the First Earbuds Featuring the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve


The new premium earbuds incorporate a dual-driver design to create the best sounding listening experience from any JLab wireless product.

JLab, has announced the launch of new and most premium true wireless product to date, its Epic Lab Edition earbuds. The best sounding and first earbuds to feature the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve, they leverage dual drivers and have an industry-first technology design to provide an elevated listening experience

Full technical features include:

  • · Battery life: 13+ hours in each earbud, 9+ hours in each earbud with ANC activated
  • Dual connect technology allows each bud to be used independently
  • Bluetooth LE Audio with USB-C dongle
  • Bluetooth multipoint connects to multiple devices
  • Spatial Audio Compatible with applications such as Dolby Atmos, Tempest 3D AudioTech and Windows Sonic
  • Hi-Res Audio LDAC (Android) or AAC (iOS) or LC3 (with compatible devices)
  • Smart Active Noise Cancelling with 3 noise control modes
  • Touch controls and optional wear detect auto play/pause feature
  • Microphone: 3 MEMS (each earbud) -38 dB +/- 1 dB
  • Patented Custom EQ3 sound and touch controls
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Range: 30+ ft
  • Protocols: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
  • Codecs: ACC / LDAC / SBC / LC3
  • Drivers: Dual design, with a Knowles Balanced Armature Driver and a second 10mm dynamic driver in each earbud
  • 20–40 kHz frequency response
  • Impedance: 16O
  • Output: 98 +/-3 dB
  • Earbud battery: 85mAh lithium polymer
  • Earbud charge time: 2 hours (in case)
  • Quick Charge: 15 mins of charging = 1 hour battery life
  • Charging case battery: 820mAh lithium polymer
  • Case charge time: 2 hours
  • Charging: Wireless or via USB-C to USB-C cable
  • IP Rating: 55
  • Three sets of gel eartips and three sets of JLab Cloud Foam
  • Google Fast Pair
  • Total weight: 76.3 grams (including USB-C dongle in case)
  • Earbuds: 5.5 grams each
  • Dongle weight: 1.9 grams
  • Case only: 63.5 grams 25.1 grams (earbuds + case)
  • 2-year warranty

The Epic Lab Edition earbuds boast a hybrid dual-driver design, incorporating a dynamic driver for rich bass and low frequencies, and a Knowles Balanced Armature driver for exquisite high frequencies. The earbuds are the first true wireless earbuds to feature the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve (Knowles Curve), a treble expanded sound signature designed with extensive feedback from a broad range of music listeners. Designed for the modern music listener, its features include smart active noise cancelling, Hi-Res Audio, spatial audio, and Bluetooth LE capabilities JLab put audio quality at the forefront of the Epic Lab Edition, focusing on providing an elevated listening experience at a much higher price point than the brand is known for. JLab is known for bringing products to market with features and technologies well beyond higher-priced competitors.

The Epic Lab Edition redefines the true wireless audio experience. Its hybrid dual driver design provides the rich bass music listeners look for from modern audio products, complemented by the exquisite high frequency capabilities that the research behind the Knowles Listening Response Curve concluded listeners prefer. This combination of two drivers results in unparalleled, well-balanced, and crystal-clear sound quality that cannot be achieved by a single modern headphones driver.

Along with a great sound, the earbuds also have a suite of premium features.  Android users can experience hi-res audio quality delivered through LDAC technology; iOS users through AAC. Experience the next generation of Bluetooth® with LE Audio support on compatible devices*. The Epic Lab Edition earbuds are compatible with the new LC3 codec, which offers better sound quality over lower bit-rates compared to normal SBC.JLab’s Smart Active Noise Cancelation automatically adjusts to the environment around the earbuds, making continual adjustments to provide an optimal audio experience. The premium aluminum charging case offers wireless charging or via USB-C cord. For optimal sound and comfort, it offers 6 tips: S/M/L silicone and S/M/L cloud foam.

Compatible with the latest JLab Appusers can customise the Epic Lab Edition’active noise cancelling features, turn off ANC capabilities, or turn on its Be Aware mode to allow outside noises to pass through. Via app update in mid-November, the JLab App will feature preset to the Knowles Curve, in addition to allowing users to quickly switch between JLab’preset Signature Sound and Bass Boost. The JLab App also allows the listener to adjust the settings individually to their preference whenever it suits their needs and adjust the touch controls functions to their preferences.

More on the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve

The Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve was developed through blind listening testing, including an analysis of 200 recordings from the last 20 years of Billboard Hot 100. Knowles developed its curve to provide guidance to headphone manufacturers in developing products that consumers prefer. Knowles’ research provides clear guidelines for what consumers desire across the wide spectrum of music. According to the research behind the Knowles Curve, listeners consistently preferred between 12 and 21 dB of boost at frequencies beyond 10 kHz, depending on age and hearing ability. An earphone that matches the Knowles Curve recommendations is expected to provide a highly satisfying experience for the end user, resulting in higher sound quality ratings.

The high frequency boost in treble is very difficult to accommodate using single driver products, which is the reason the JLab Epic Lab Edition uses a 10mm driver together with a Knowles Balance Armature driver in each earbud. Additional information on Knowles Balanced Armatures, visit www.knowles.com/premiumsound. For more information about the Knowles Preferred Listening Curve, visit: www.knowles.com/preferred-listening-response.

The JLab Epic Lab Edition is available from JLabAmazon and Argos (from 1st February) for £199.99.


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