It’s Official: Fossil is Exiting the Smartwatch Industry


Following rumors a while back that it was slowly phasing out its smartwatch range, it looks like Fossil has finally come clear about its plans with regards to its Fossil Gen line of smartwatches, which run on Wear OS – more specifically, the manufacturer has decided to abandon the line for good, with the Gen 6 being its last smartwatch.

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In a statement made to the folks over at The Verge, Fossil stated that it will redirect its resources to support its “core strength.” Company spokesperson Amanda Castelli comments:

“As the smartwatch landscape has evolved significantly over the past few years, we have made the strategic decision to exit the smartwatch business… Fossil Group is redirecting resources to support our core strength and the core segments of our business that continue to provide strong growth opportunities for us: designing and distributing exciting traditional watches, jewelry, and leather goods under our own as well as licensed brand names.”

While Fossil was one of the many companies that constantly launched Wear OS devices, the brand’s key strength was first and foremost in its line of designer goods, including wristwatches. Fossil does assure users that it will continue to update its existing Wear OS devices for the next few years.

Source: The Verge


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