iPad Mini Rumored to be the First Foldable Apple Device


There have been rumors about Apple working on its first foldable device that resembles an iPad which could transform into a MacBook when required. However, supply chain chatter indicates that this maiden foldable tablet may end up similar in size with the current iPad Mini (review). It has been reported that this model may arrive as early as 2026.

First foldable Apple device

Based on the South Korean publication The Elec, fresh reports within Apple’s suppliers that involve Samsung Display and LG Display, the Cupertino tech giant is considering launching a foldable iPad Mini as its first foldable device. There are no other details apart from the model, but it is said that this tablet will sport a display size range between 7 and 8 inches (17.78 to 20.32 cm).

It also stated that both Samsung and LG’s display divisions have already sent the first sample panel to Apple last year. In addition, the two companies have discussed with Apple about the components that will be used in the foldable iPad Mini. There was a mention of utilizing an ultra-thin glass layer (UTG) for the main foldable display and cover screens similar to what Samsung is using on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 (review).

Apple MacBook-iPad Hybrid Fold
Apple’s new patent describes its foldable device as a foldable ‘laptop computer’. / © Patently Apple

The same source also speculated that the foldable iPad Mini would replace the regular iPad Mini. In other words, Apple might just end the existing range in due time. However, there are also opposing views of this speculation with previous rumors of Apple planning for an OLED-equipped iPad Mini. Regardless of which rumor will materialize, there is no harm if Apple continues to sell both regular and foldable iPad Mini variants simultaneously.

Launch date of the Apple iPad Mini ‘Fold’

The iPad Mini Fold or foldable iPad Mini is believed to arrive sometime in 2026, although this could be stretched to 2027. A foldable 20-inch iPad/MacBook hybrid is touted to follow, which first made headlines in 2022. Apple’s iPhone ‘Fold’ may only happen in 2027 and would be aligned with the 20th anniversary of the iPhone.

While we are still a few years from seeing the first foldable Apple product, the company is already busy revamping its entire iPad lineup. This year, it is expected Apple will announce OLED iPad Pro tablets alongside a 12.9-inch iPad Air in March. The iPhone manufacturer is also seen to refresh the iPad and iPad Mini catalogs, although there is no definite timetable yet.

What are your thoughts on a foldable iPad Mini? Do you think its size is more practical than the extra-large iPad? We look forward to hearing your opinion.


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