iOS 18 Could Be Apple’s ‘Biggest’ iPhone OS Update Yet


iPhones are stellar devices not only because of their top-class hardware, but also because of the superior user experience that Apple provides through iOS. iOS 17 introduced new features, such as significant iterations to the App Store. Now, iOS 18 is rumored to be the “biggest” iOS update yet, with generative AI and support for RCS among those planned to debut.

Over the weekend, Mark Gurman has revealed (via MacRumors) to his Power On subscribers that the iOS 18 is tipped to be “one of the largest operating system updates–if not the biggest–in the company’s history” that Apple will ship to iPhones. While the journalist didn’t specify whether it meant of the size or numbers of features in tow, previous reports suggest these will include major upgrades to Siri and messaging.

Generative AI features

Last year, Gurman said Apple planned to infuse generative AI functionalities to Siri, which will allow the assistant to do more complex tasks like completing multiple Shortcut actions. There are predictions that Siri would offer ChatGPT-like capabilities, such as completing texts and answering complicated questions.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's Circle to Search
Galaxy AI debuts on the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra, adding new AI-based features like Circle to Search / © nextpit

Presently, there is no evidence that Siri will support text-to-image generation and live translation which are already available on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 through the Galaxy AI. However, it is already shaping up that Apple is heavily adopting AI this year on iOS.

Better messaging

Another notable section that could be improved on iOS 18 is with messaging. Apple confirmed that it is adopting RCS (Rich Communication Services) on its messaging service. This means that iMessage should get better messaging functionalities like sending messages over the internet, read/sent receipts, typing indicators, and higher media resolution, among others.

RCS would enhance messaging interoperability between Android and iOS. For instance, users between the two operating systems could participate in group chats while it’s possible for Apple to eliminate the green-blue bubbles altogether.

Optimized device performance

Given how iOS 16 and iOS 17 were riddled with numerous bugs, iOS 18 should bring a more optimized experience to iPhone users this time. This was supported when Gurman reported that Apple had paused the development of iOS 18 for a week to clean out and resolve issues with the firmware.

With the usual schedule of Apple, iOS 18 would be announced at the next WWDC sometime in June and will be available first for developers. On the other hand, the official release of iOS 18 should happen as early as September when the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro are scheduled to be made official.

What new features do you wish to see from iOS 18? Do you think Apple should prioritize making its next software operating system more refined with fewer bugs than having to introduce more features? Tell us your answers in the comments.


Via: MacRumors


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