Instant Slow-Mo: A Favorite Galaxy AI Feature is Coming to These Devices


There are plans for selected Galaxy AI features to debut with the Galaxy S24 (review) on older devices, one of the best features that was notably left out from the timetable was Instant Slow-Mo. It’s a feature that adds a slow-motion effect to select portions of a video even if it is not recorded in Slo-Mo mode natively. Surprisingly, it has been confirmed that this will eventually find its way to several older Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy tablets.

Which Samsung Galaxy gets the Instant Slow-Mo feature?

In a forum post, a Samsung Community moderator included additional details about the Instant Slow-Mo, stating it will be shipped to devices equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. This would mean the Galaxy S23 (Ultra), Galaxy Z Fold 5 (review), Galaxy Z Flip 5 (review), and Galaxy Tab S9 series will all receive this feature.

As explained in the same post, Instant Slwo-Mo taps on the NPU and GPU of the chip to power the effect. He further described that the feature is akin to zooming in certain segments of the photo to make out the smaller objects from a distance. However, with slow motion, it is bounded by time and expands the period between the frames of a recorded video.

That also explains the limitation of the new AI feature and its inability to support other Galaxy models with a more dated chipset. It is a no-brainer this requires a lot of computing power and machine learning resources to be able to react from a user input within 16.6 ms for videos in 60 fps for an example.

Apart from the instant slo-mo replay when viewing videos via the Gallery or a video player, Samsung said the new video editor that supports the editing of slo-mo videos will also be available on selected older devices. Samsung plans to improve Instant Slow-Mo as well. This feature will add compatibility with 10-bit and 480 p videos as well as the .mov format for playback, sharing, and editing.

There is still no clear picture of when Instant Slow-Mo will arrive. Perhaps it would be tacked on with the other Galaxy AI features in a single software update. Samsung is expected to roll out One UI 6.1 based on Android 14 to older devices in the coming weeks, so there’s a chance a bunch of these will be included.

Apart from Instant Slow-Mo, it was revealed in a Samsung UK comparison page that Circle to Search, which was first confirmed for Google Pixel 8, Note Assist, Photo Assist, and Live Translation will be available to a wide of Galaxy devices.

Have you checked out the new Galaxy AI features? Which of those do you think is the most practical? Let us know in the comments.


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