I set up the ultimate home NAS with over 100TB of storage


I started using NAS servers just under a decade ago, and at the time, I was looking for a centralized location to manage my media collection. Up until that point, I had mechanical hard drives in my gaming machine, but when I switched to SSDs, I decided to get a storage server instead — it just made more sense to have a dedicated machine handle media storage and streaming.


Android Central's LLoyd with a bionic eye

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In Hardwired, AC Senior Editor Harish Jonnalagadda delves into all things hardware, including phones, storage servers, and routers.

I dabbled with FreeNAS (now called TrueNAS) in the beginning, converting an old machine with six HDD bays into a home server. While it did the job admirably, I wanted something smaller, so I got the DiskStation DS414+ to see how a pre-built NAS enclosure would hold up. It wasn’t as powerful as my custom build, but it took up much less room, and it had all the features I was looking for.


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