How To Create An Education App In 7 Steps


A few centuries ago, the gold rush greatly affected the entire population of the planet, it would not be an exaggeration to say that today’s modern world is completely immersed in the mobile fever. Is there anyone among you who does not use a smartphone, there are probably no such people. Smartphone sales are growing rapidly, and manufacturers are investing heavily in the development of mobile technologies, the development of new educational applications, and their successful entry into the market. The development of an educational application that corresponds to a given educational program should be entrusted to a qualified Education & Elearning App Development Company, which employs professionals who have the appropriate level of experience in the field of development of multifunctional educational applications for mobile devices. This dynamic field is a fast-growing area of programming as mobile devices far outnumber desktops, and this trend is expected to continue.

Types Of Educational Apps

Many parents and teachers are looking for educational apps that offer the best digital learning environment. This means apps that provide meaningful content with an experience that includes exploration and challenges. Evaluating educational apps to find the best option for your child can seem like a daunting process due to the number of options available. Do you need to know the types of educational apps available and what key features meet your current needs? There are several types of study apps to help you understand different study programs and the different learning opportunities they offer. Many apps fall into multiple categories, including many features to stimulate interest and increase engagement in the learning process. TechVision Global has the experience needed to develop a multi-functional educational application following the desired type of educational program and the functions that the application should contain:

  • Type of educational application 1. Learning through games that can simulate real life;
  • Type of educational application 2. Electronic books. Stories with additional read-aloud features or meaningful interaction to improve understanding of learning material;
  • Type of educational application 3. Workbook or sheet. Digital worksheets, typically with multiple-choice questions, are a great substitute for paper and pencil when practicing fluency, memory, and test preparation;
  • Type of educational application 4. Classical classes. Popular activities such as puzzles, coloring, and traditional games in a new format that supports cognitive development provide an opportunity for multiplayer games to enhance social interaction;
  • Type of educational application 5. Thematic experiments. Activities and video content that encourage deep engagement with specific topics of high interest;
  • Type of educational application 6. Interactive encyclopedias. The content of a multimedia encyclopedia that can be used as an auxiliary educational material, as well as for research purposes;
  • Type of educational application 7. Ability to create your educational content. Open-source applications that allow users to freely explore and create their actions;
  • Type of educational application 8. Collection of educational video materials. A collection of videos selected for a specific age group and to cover a specific educational topic.

Trends In eLearning App Development

Modern trends in the development of e-learning programs are as dynamic as possible because developers of mobile educational applications are people who write software code, create the architecture of a mobile application, and make this digital product interesting for a large audience of users who through this application learn new topics and receive valuable knowledge. Good programmers from TechVision Global have not only modern technological skills but also systems thinking, as they have to create complex learning systems from scratch. The process of developing an educational app is complex and multi-stage, the development team needs to consider many factors when developing a digital mobile solution. 

Must-Have Features For A Winning Educational App

The must-have features for a winning educational app are the complete fulfillment of the core responsibilities undertaken by TechVision’s team of experienced educational mobile app developers. The question arises: how to create an educational app? What are these key responsibilities? Creating a technical task is necessary for the successful development of mobile educational applications. It is important to discuss in detail the milestones of the development of the educational application and the entire project in general, as well as familiarize yourself with all the business processes that will take place directly during the development of the educational application. 

Build A Winning Educational App In 7 Steps

Many are interested in a logical question: how to make a learning app? In today’s dynamic world, e-learning applications have become an important tool for teachers and students. With the growing demand for flexible and affordable learning opportunities, creating an effective mobile e-learning app can make all the difference. Whether you’re a budding EdTech entrepreneur or an educator looking to offer engaging online courses, here are 7 steps to help you create an effective eLearning app.

Step 1. Define your target group. 

Step 2. Choose the right platform. Choosing the right platform for your eLearning application is critical. Decide whether you want to build a mobile app, a web app, or both. 

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Step 3. Attractive and friendly interface. The key goal of education application development is clear, to create a digital solution that allows easy learning of complex scientific materials. 

Step 4. Creation of high-quality educational content. Engaging content is the key foundation of any successful eLearning app. 

Step 5. Install gamification elements in the educational application. Gamification can significantly increase user motivation and engagement. Add important key game features like badges, scores, leaderboards, and rewards to make learning more interactive and enjoyable.

Step 6. Smooth progress tracking. It’s important to implement a robust progress-tracking system in your learning app that allows users to track their progress. 

Step 7. Regular updates and feedback mechanisms. Regularly update your eLearning program with new content and various key features to keep it relevant and engaging for users. 

Discovery: Decide On What Are You Planning To Offer

Many companies involved in the development of educational mobile applications offer complex creation and management of turnkey projects. To order a complete package or perform individual tasks, you can invite both well-known companies, such as TechVision, and private specialists (freelancers). The function of build an educational app consists of the development of all digital solutions that an e-learning application should have. 

Conduct Market Research

It is important to do a thorough market research for mobile learning apps. According to the latest data, the relevance of developing mobile educational applications is growing not only every year but also every month. Hundreds of new mobile learning applications are released on the online platforms every day. 

Validate by rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is an opportunity to quickly obtain a prototype of an educational application. This is often done using the capabilities of computer-aided design or other software. Rapid prototyping is used only to demonstrate or show the application, and its key functions.

Determine the App Development Platform

There are completely different software tools and digital multi-functional platforms for developing mobile learning apps for Android and iOS. These solutions are what you need to create stunning, high-quality mobile learning programs for your business. The modern educational app development software platform is a digital software solution that helps TechVision’s development team in the educational app development process by providing features such as IDE, code-free development, templates, APIs, data synchronization, and analytics. 

Hire Mobile App Development Company

It is important to hire an experienced company for quality fulfillment of the order for the development of a multifunctional educational application following your requirements and current needs. In the TechVision environment, all developers believe in the great possibilities that can be of use to people in the field of e-learning. Thanks to the rapid development of technologies, users are given opportunities to use cross-platform functionality and the combination of several modern technologies. 

Development of the educational app

TechVision developers use their skills and experience, this company employs professionals in their field. Thanks to this teamwork, TechVision always shares the experience of mobile development of educational applications. TechVision has assembled a team of top project managers, designers, programmers, testers, and some software development experts. 


The process of deploying the development of an educational mobile application consists of offering the client various effective solutions for the successful implementation of the project on already existing platforms by applying parts of existing applications, expertise, and client needs.

Most Successful Learning Apps on the Market

The most successful apps in 2023 for learning that were introduced to the market include the following software solutions: Khan Academy, PBS KIDS Games, BrainPOP, Quizlet, Evernote, edX, Newsela, Duolingo, and DragonBox.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App?

The price of developing a mobile educational application depends on a detailed and correctly prepared technical task, the correctness of writing a technical task for the development of an e-learning application directly depends on the qualifications of the person who performs the calculation. The calculations also take into account the time required for planning, development, testing, and other services for the development of an educational mobile application. 


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