How a Raspberry Pi and the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus can fix your smart home woes this Black Friday


As someone who has been enamored with gadgets and phones for as long as I can remember, creating a smart home was a no-brainer project. That was the case, until I kept adding new lights and accessories to the mix. Before long, my smart home was  less useful than before I started. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case thanks to my trusty Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant. 

It’s all made possible by the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Future)

The problem that I was facing was interoperability, as some accessories don’t work with the Google Home app. So instead of being able to ask my Nest Hub to turn something on or off, I had to go into the folder of dedicated apps. Something else that was an issue was that my wife had an even worse time trying to control things because all of those different apps were tied to accounts that I created. 


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