Here’s why I’m excited for the OnePlus 12


The OnePlus 12 is launching very soon, and while we’ll have to wait another two months before it is available globally, the launch in China on December 5 should give us a good indication as to what the device is all about. Of course, OnePlus did a good job on that front by officially revealing the design, and we’ll undoubtedly get to know about the cameras and hardware ahead of the launch.


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In Hardwired, AC Senior Editor Harish Jonnalagadda delves into all things relating to hardware, services, and the broader tech ecosystem. 

For now though, the design is what’s already been highlighted, so I’ll start there. I really liked the design of the OnePlus 11, and I’m glad that OnePlus isn’t messing with that aesthetic; the OnePlus 12 uses a largely similar design, but with a few tweaks. There’s a new white color option at launch, but I’m drawn to the Flowy Emerald model. The color is nearly identical to the green version of the OnePlus 11, but the phone has a wavy pattern at the back that looks very distinctive.

The OnePlus 12 may just set a new standard for displays

OnePlus 12 official design

(Image credit: OnePlus)

And then there’s the display. The OnePlus 12 is touted to feature a BOE X1 display that goes up to an insane 4,500 nits, making it the brightest panel of any phone by a significant margin. To give you some context, the Galaxy S23 Ultra goes up to 2,000 nits in HDR content, and the Pixel 8 Pro hits 2,400 nits. So for OnePlus to be able to double that figure is a big deal, and I’m excited to see how the panel holds up in real-world testing.


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