Google’s Gemini AI Arrives for More Countries


Following the recent launch of Google’s Gemini Advanced and Gemini mobile for Android and iOS, it looks like the company’s new take on AI has been made available for more regions worldwide, according to Gemini product lead Jack Krawczyk. Gemini will be available for users in Canada, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America to name a few.

Krawczyk adds that more features and fixes will be added, highlighting some of the features that users liked (and disliked) based on feedback. While the Gemini App is not available worldwide, some users have had luck with sideloading the .apk installer file on their mobile device.

For Android users, Gemini will be accessible through the Gemini app itself, or via the Google Assistant app. Additionally, users will be able to access Gemini from where they usually activate Google Assistant. Meanwhile, iOS users will be able to access Gemini via the Google app for iPhone in the coming weeks. For iPhone, users can simply tap on the Gemini toggle to chat, generate images, compose written posts, and more.

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For those unfamiliar with Gemini, Google’s AI software is a rebrand of sorts of its “Bard” AI which was one of the top generative AI software platforms alongside competitors like Chat GPT. For desktop, users will be able to access Gemini Advanced, although it will come with a monthly subscription fee.


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