Google Password Manager now has a shortcut in Pixel Launcher


What you need to know

  • Google is enhancing its Password Manager, and a Pixel Launcher search shortcut is the latest addition.
  • The Pixel Launcher on the Pixel 8 Pro now allows users to search for “password” or “password manager” to quickly access the Google Password Manager.
  • However, the shortcut does not appear to be available on other Pixel phone generations, suggesting that this is part of an A/B test.

Google Password Manager doesn’t have a standalone app because it’s meant to be low-key, unlike many of your favorite password managers. However, due to popular demand, Google is giving in and allowing you to quickly access its credentials manager right from the Pixel Launcher search bar.

Currently, getting to Google Password Manager on Android is a bit of a hassle as it forces you to dive into the system settings. If you’re on an Android device, you’ll need to head to Settings, tap on “Google,” navigate to “Manage Your Account,” tap “Security,” scroll quite a bit, and you’ll finally see the Password Manager’s settings.


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