Google has a super cool antenna patent for wearables


Modern day antenna designs are very subtle. Long gone are the days where antennas would stick out from our TVs and phones. Thanks to a recently discovered patent by the folks at Mspoweruser, it seems that Google has come up with an antenna design for wearables that is pretty interesting.

What makes this particular antenna design so interesting is the fact that it uses microwave dielectric substrate with a high relative permittivity. This means that it can be used to store electrical energy. This could potentially translate to better battery life for our smartwatches and other wearables. It is also better at sending and receiving signals.

Google’s design of the antenna makes it pretty compact. This means that fitting it into a wearable like a smartwatch shouldn’t be an issue. Google’s patent application also shows a diagram of what appears to be a smart ring. It’s interesting because Samsung has confirmed that they are working on a smart ring.

Given Google and Samsung’s close partnership, it is possible that maybe Google could have had a hand in the design. That being said, most end-users probably won’t notice or feel the effects of the new antenna design, but if it means better battery life and better sending and receiving of signals, it’s a good thing. Take note that since this is a patent, there’s no guarantee that it will materialize in a future Google wearable.


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