Google AI: Bard is now Gemini!


Google’s roll out of its AI based on LLM (Large Language Model) has not been a smooth sailing at the start, which is even true with how its early naming conventions. Previously, Google has been calling its new chatbot assistant on its Pixel devices mostly as Bard or Assistant with Bard, while those with more capable solutions as part of Gemini. But this is now starting to change and becoming more coherent as it fully implements its AI arsenal in one banner under Gemini.

Gemini app and Gemini Advanced

As confirmed by Google, it is announcing the availability of a new AI app and Gemini Advanced on its platforms, and along with these is the more apparent use of Gemini labels. For instance, its web page address has been renamed to instead of that we noticed just a few days ago, although you can still type the latter and redirected to the new URL afterward.

While Gemini is already integrated to the Pixel 8 (review) and Pixel 8 Pro (review), Google is also officially calling its standalone Android application as the Gemini app. This applies to the iOS version of the app as well, which can now be downloaded from the Play Store in select countries, including the USA and with support for English, Japanese, and Korean languages.

Similarly, in Google’s new Google One plans, there are also mentions of Gemini and Gemini Advanced. As with the case in the US, the Google One AI Premium plan that costs $9.99/month now adds Gemini Advanced based on the Ultra 1.0 model. The internet search giant plans to include Gemini in its services such as Gmail, Maps, and Docs soon under this tier as well. 

If you haven’t downloaded and tried Gemini yet, it is smarter and more capable with the use of Ultra 1.0 model compared to the old Bard. Among those functions, you can do with the app is text-to-image generation and photo search. Although it is still under in experimental phase, you can also set Gemini as your assistant and perform complex and usual tasks such as composing emails.

With Google’s decision to use Gemini, it just makes sense for them to unify its branding after all. This will likely avoid more confusion and make Gemini more notable for many users.

Which would you prefer Google’s new AI be called? Is Gemini a better brand option than Bard? We’d like to hear your answers.


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