Forget screen protectors, the Galaxy S24 Ultra practically wears armor


What you need to know

  • Mohs’ hardness test reveals the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Glass Armor withstands scratches up to level 8.
  • The test also showcases its durability compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Victus 2 at level 6.
  • Meanwhile, the titanium frame resists scratches up to level 4, demonstrating effective protection against minor abrasions.

A scratch test performed by the YouTube channel PBKReviews showcases the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s tough display, courtesy of its Corning Gorilla Armor protection.

At Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event earlier this month, Corning busted out its latest and supposedly greatest creation—the Corning Gorilla Armor. The company was singing praises about how it’s a total game-changer in many ways. Quite unsurprisingly, the shiny new Galaxy S24 Ultra is the lucky first adopter of Gorilla Armor—a first for both Samsung and the smartphone world.


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