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A look back at 2023, and a glimpse at what lies ahead in 2024

2023 was an excellent year for the team behind the website, and its community — we already feel a little nostalgic, but it’s important to make space for celebrating the things the community helped us build in 2023 and continue the momentum in 2024.

In that spirit, we prepared a recap with our 2023 highlights of the community — enjoy the reading!

The highlights

📚 Translatathon

56 languages, 217 participants, and 1.47 million words (🤯) translated in a one-week online competition, the Translatathon set the tone for the importance of continuously fostering accessibility in Web3, one word at a time. It is one of our proudest achievements, with an impact and scale so impressive it deserved its own recap post!

🔡 Translated images and diagrams

If it wasn’t obvious, we strongly believe the experience of people who do not speak English should be equal to those who do. So, we realized that having our pages translated into Spanish (for example) but leaving all the diagrams and images in English was less than ideal. Our team developed a process for translating visual content, which massively enhanced the experience for everyone visiting our site who doesn’t speak English.

👛 Interactive wallet walkthroughs

Eager to start your web3 journey but a little concerned about jumping straight and downloading a dapp? We all have been there before. With that in mind, the team have designed user-friendly guides to wallet usage, improving the onboarding experience for new Ethereum users. Test it out and let us know what you think 😀.

🤔 Test your Ethereum knowledge with Quizzes

A learning portal without a learning game? Well, that was before June 2023… now, you can test your Ethereum knowledge by taking one (or all) of the eight interactive quizzes available on the Quiz Hub. The community are helping to expand our quiz library, so if you’ve got ideas or would like to contribute by creating questions check out our contributing guide!

✍️ Writers Cohort

Try anything once, twice if you like it — and this is why we hosted two editions of’s Writers Cohort: a 3-week online program for folks interested in writing about any Ethereum-related topic of their choice. With more than 400 participants and over 540 articles published, we can doubtlessly say that gathering our community to learn together, put their ideas on paper and support each other along the way was the biggest highlight of this initiative! You can find the #ETHWriters recap on Twitter.

🛣️ Protocol roadmap: (almost) everything in one place

Ethereum’s roadmap is fluid and adapts constantly, but we’re tuned into the latest proposals from builders around the world, and have built a comprehensive hub detailing detailing Ethereum’s protocol roadmap. Curious about proposed ideas, upcoming changes, technical upgrades, and how Ethereum is developed? Head to to learn more.

💌 EF Blog, straight to your inbox

Want to get updates from EF teams, gardeners and builders right in your inbox? We helped code a feature allowing you to subscribe to receive new posts on this blog directly to your email inbox

🏠 Geth and Solidity: a new home on the internet

Alongside maintaining, our core team also assists with web development across other projects in the EF community. Over the past year, we’ve worked on designing and deploying new websites for go-ethereum and Solidity and we couldn’t be prouder of the result – and more importantly, the impact this can bring to the Ethereum ecosystem.

🖼️ New year, new illustrations

We entered our glow-up era by commissioning eight new illustrations to, now featured on pages across the site (see some: Layer 2, Developers’ home, Community Hub). Better than that, these artworks are open-source, and we encourage their use by the Ethereum community. Check out our assets page for more resources (and inspiration)!

🤲 Contributors Round @ GG19

Helped by some great people at Gitcoin, we launched a support round to give back and reward community members who made impactful contributions on In total, 19 individuals were awarded, and this initiative validated our desire to find more ways to return value to our community in 2024!

🧦 New merch, who dis?

A token of appreciation to our contributors: in November, we shipped over 100 swag boxes to community members – socks pictures have taken over our Twitter feed… well, at least we can all agree they were pretty stylish!

🎲 Hacking and playing in the infinite garden

Halfway through 2023, an idea started to emerge — what if we hosted a gathering where folks could disconnect a little from the hecticness of web3 events’ and spend the time chilling and playing cards/board games with the community? With that premise, we organized (in)finite games at Devconnect IST and the feedback from the Ethereum community was overwhelmingly positive. Sadly (or not), our team was too busy playing Uno they forgot to snap a picture… guess we should organize a second edition at Devcon SEA then?

🧭 Navigation redesign is always a work in progress. Before we bid farewell to an eventful year, our team redesigned the website’s menu navigation, improving the information architecture for better user navigation. We’re rolling this out early Q1, so keep an eye out for this change.

🧰 Complete migration to NextJS

With over 16,000 pages and tens of millions of views every year, we cannot overlook the engine that keeps this ship running! After a lot of sweat, many tears, and countless PRs, we successfully migrated tech stack to NextJS, paving the way for improved site performance, accessibility, and scalability. We’re excited to ship many new features in 2024 enabled by this change!

So, what is next?

Our Q1 2024 roadmap is already out for feedback, suggestions, and contributions. Have a look on how you can start contributing to (e.g. writing or reviewing content, creating new designs, translating the website, developing new features or fixing bugs, and many more possibilities) in our contributors pages.

Thank you once again to every person involved in making possible. Here’s to a great 2024 🎉


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