Cyber Monday Alert: Discounts on Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Garmin & More!


I’m a huge fan of quantifying my health, and I bet that if you are reading this article, chances are you are too. So, in the spirit of Cyber Monday, I went through Amazon and Best Buy stores to select some of the best gem deals I could find, anticipating the sales frenzy. Here are the most interesting smartwatches on discount that I found for you.

Before moving on, I would like to highlight that this is an article dedicated to Cyber Monday. I will only list the devices I found on sale for a great price. That’s it; I won’t go into detail about them. For that, we have our best smartwatches buying guide, which I suggest you read if you need more insights on what to look for when purchasing these little computers for your wrist.

Moreover, to make this piece even more helpful, the suggestions will be based on price, not by brand or category, so you can directly find what to buy within your budget.

Last but not least, I will also share our fitness trackers buying guide because sometimes you don’t need a large display to collect your fitness data. By the way, sometimes you don’t even need one, like with the Whoop 4.0 (review). Without any further ado, let’s see what the manufacturers have prepared for us during the e-commerce sales bonanza.

Time is Precious: Take a Shortcut

Best smartwatches deals under $800

In the under $800 category, expect to find the crème de la crème of smartwatches, embodying premium features and top-of-the-line technology. These watches, like the Apple Watch Ultra 2 (review), are designed for those who seek unparalleled quality and performance.

The Apple Watch Ultra series, for instance, stands out with its advanced health tracking, unrivaled app ecosystem, and robust build quality, making it ideal for both tech enthusiasts and fitness fanatics.

Additionally, models in this range often boast superior materials, longer battery life, and enhanced display technology. They are perfect for those who want a smartwatch that excels in every aspect, from aesthetics to functionality.

Best smartwatches deals under $500

The under $500 bracket is where high-end smartwatches like the Google Pixel Watch 2 (review) and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (review) reside. These watches offer a balance of sophisticated features and affordability.

With the Google Pixel Watch series, users can enjoy seamless integration with Google services and a sleek design, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup offers extensive health features and a customizable interface.

In this price range, expect smartwatches with excellent build quality, good battery life, and a range of features that cater to both everyday use and fitness tracking. These models are ideal for users seeking high-quality smartwatches without the premium price tag.

Best smartwatches deals under $200

For those looking at the under $300 category, intermediate-level smartwatches like the Amazfit GTR 4 (review) offer a compelling mix of features and value. These watches typically provide a robust set of health and fitness tracking capabilities, along with a decent battery life and a stylish design.

The Amazfit GTR 4, for example, offers a range of sports modes, a high-resolution display, and a durable build, making it a great choice for fitness enthusiasts.

In this price range, expect to find smartwatches that deliver the essential features most users need, with a focus on functionality and practicality. This category is perfect for those who want a reliable and versatile smartwatch without the need for ultra-premium features.

That’s all for the moment. Should you stumble upon a great smartwatch offer this Cyber Monday, don’t hesitate to let us know. By doing so, others may also have the chance to benefit from the deal. Remember, these recommendations are made considering the reduced prices and not based on comprehensive testing.

Updated on Nov. 27th with adjustments to prices and deals.


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