Building An Authentic Brand Image Through Instagram Marketing


Social media has become a tool that has become more effective than just a resource whereby people are able to connect with one another as they share stories, and the latest viral trends, and spend digital time socializing.

Businesses have also been able to benefit from the emergence of the platforms that are available, with it possible to suggest that they have been able to capitalize more so than those the sites were initially intended and designed for.

Instagram is one social media platform that has thrived over the last decade, with its format being very conducive and appealing to people. Before the likes of Snapchat or TikTok ever existed, Insta was the main choice (and still can be) for those looking for visual forms of entertainment. The site was among the first to be based around picture and video-sharing and continues to be one of the most popular today.

Companies have been able to capitalize as they are able to create marketing campaigns and devise strategies which are based on the use of visuals, whether it be picture creation or through the use of video content. 

One way in which they have managed to benefit is with the ability to create an authentic and genuine brand image. They can use the visuals that are possible to create in a way that can build trust and a social footprint in ways that traditional marketing methods, like text ads, are unable to achieve. These are more appealing, thus making them more sharable and attractive.

What Is The Best Way To Use Instagram To Build An Authentic Brand Image?

Much like many other forms of social media, Instagram can come with its challenges for businesses. The main issue is in regard to the amount of competition that can be faced. While millions may continue to use the site on a daily basis, there are millions of organizations that are actively using it, too.

Each of those using it are creating content as often as they can to try and build their reputation and profiles. By continually posting, they are able to increase the exposure that they receive, which can then allow them to build the brand image that they want and, hopefully, convert people into customers.

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Nonetheless, while there are challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome, there are various ways in which businesses are able to. If they can do the following, then they will have a better chance of being successful in their attempts to build an authentic brand image on Instagram…

Post High-Quality Content

Much like in any other industry, high-quality content is a must and is always crucial in building success. Users of Instagram do not want to see poor-quality images or videos when they are browsing their feeds or looking for new profiles to follow. If it is, they will instantly decide against interacting or engaging and simply scroll past.

In order to create high-quality content, businesses are able to hire people who can, or they can do it themselves. If you are not an expert in filming or you don’t have the resources needed, you can take advantage of the free Instagram promo templates that could boost your video production, thus subsequently boosting your appeal and potentially making your page more attractive. It can also be beneficial to think about captions and the way the content looks, as these can also have an impact on how widely they are shared by users who see them.

Interact with Followers

Sometimes, the main purpose of social media can often be forgotten or overlooked, especially from a business POV. There are so many businesses that simply look at it as a marketing tool and not much else. The main reason social sites were created were to allow people to connect, and firms should be doing the exact same thing with their customers.

Although it can be hard to achieve at times, businesses should be looking to interact with their followers in every way possible. They should be answering any messages or comments that are left, as this can help to build brand loyalty and create an authentic brand image in the process. Consumers will likely want to interact if they know the business will engage, and this can create trust and make them more sharable with others. Emotions can play a significant role when making decisions and buying products/services, so businesses should do what they can to engage when given the opportunity to do so.

Use Instagram Stories

A great feature that exists on the social media platform is the Instagram Stories aspect. This allows users to create a post that lasts just 24 hours and will then disappear. It is perfect for businesses that want to update their customers with a quick promotional tool, or it can be a great way to share something away from their page, such as hosting a Q&A or creating other interactive activities.

The feature can also be used as a way to provide customers with an insight into what the business is and how it operates. In doing so, customers can understand what makes the brand work and why they are doing what they are doing, thus building an authentic image in their minds.

Leverage on User-Generated Content

While not always commonly used, businesses who use Instagram could look to share other posts from other people that are based on their own brand or the products/services that they offer. Feedback is a highly effective marketing tool as it can be used to influence others, and with many using social media to leave their thoughts, it can be very easy to share.

Businesses that do can see a greater level of exposure and growth on a social media site as others are likely to share what their thoughts are if they know they are being heard and seen. In turn, the business may also be able to increase engagement and loyalty as a result of sharing the testimonies that others provide.


Having an authentic brand image is vitally important for any business to thrive. Instagram has become an exceptional social media tool for businesses operating in the digital age to achieve this. Although it can be easier said than done, the tips highlighted above can make a world of difference and should always be at the forefront of the marketers who are using the platform for their campaigns.


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