Bitfinex Securities Expands Investor Access to Accredited Assets 


Bitfinex Securities Expands Investor Access to Accredited Assets 

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, October 18, 2023 – Bitfinex Securities Ltd, which offers listing and trading services for security tokens, is pleased to announce that it is broadening access to accredited-only investments for a wider range of investors.

Traditionally, accredited-only investments were limited to corporate investors or individual investors capable of making a minimum investment of 100,000 USD in a specific asset. However, Bitfinex Securities has obtained regulatory approval to redefine the scope of Accredited Investors, extending it to individuals who qualify as professional investors.
Professional investors are individuals with at least 100,000 USD in liquid assets and have two years or more of relevant trading experience. 

Jesse Knutson, Head of Operations at Bitfinex Securities, highlighted “This empowers investors to access a wider range of products and participate in trading with much greater inclusivity.”

Accredited Investors with professional investor status can now actively participate in secondary market trading and maintain positions in any accredited offering. 

This newfound flexibility also allows them to engage in trading even at the minimal tradeable unit. 

This development empowers investors to access a broader array of investment products, engage in trades of smaller sizes, invest in smaller-sized positions, and take part in trading and investment activities with reduced size limitations across accredited assets.

Please note that these privileges are subject to issuer restrictions.

Bitfinex Securities remains committed to promoting accessibility and inclusivity in the world of tokenized securities. .

About Bitfinex Securities

Bitfinex Securities, with entities registered and licensed in the AIFC and El Salvador, offers a regulated, efficient, and global solution for tokenized security issuances and secondary market trading. Bitfinex Securities proudly holds the distinction of being the first global digital asset platform licensed and registered in the AIFC, and the first to be licensed under El Salvador’s new Digital Asset regime.

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