Bitcoin On-Chain Data Points To Bullish Outlook, But There’s A Catch


Santiment, a leading blockchain intelligence platform, has recently provided insights pointing to a favorable short-term scenario for Bitcoin (BTC). However, according to other signals that seem ‘hidden,’ there’s a catch.

These on-chain metrics can serve as the north star for investors looking to strategize their next steps. However, according to another metric, though recent revelations by Santiment might hint at continued positive momentum for Bitcoin, there’s also a possible contrary move that could play out.

Bitcoin Sentiments Bullish On-Chain Indications

Santiment’s recent post revealed a positive narrative for BTC’s immediate future. One of the key metrics supporting this bullish outlook is the significant number of active Bitcoin addresses.

It is worth noting that an increase in active addresses can indicate enhanced adoption, investor interest, and overall network health. Furthermore, a surge in previously dormant tokens moving actively hints at a renewed trader interest.

According to Santiment, such activity has often coincided with bullish trends, making this an essential metric to monitor.

Given these disclosed metrics by Santiment, Bitcoin may still have more rallies to squeeze out. However, to add another layer of intrigue to the current market scenario is the behavior surrounding meme coins, especially PEPE.

According to Onchain Capital co-founder and Crypto Banter host, Ran Neuner, meme coins, with their viral nature and swift price movements, sometimes act as a barometer for market sentiment, albeit unconventional.

PEPE’s Performance: A Market Temperature Check?

While Santiment’s report offers optimism, some market observers utilize unique indicators to sense potential market shifts. PEPE, a meme coin, has recently caught the attention of several prominent crypto figures.

Ran Neuner recently mentioned that PEPE might act as an indicator of an overheated market. The logic? When traders and investors flock to such tokens, and they see significant price pumps, it might be a sign of excessive optimism in the market. An event to walk with caution.

Notably, PEPE has surged by more than 80% in the past week. The meme coin has soared from a low of $0.00000650 seen last Friday, to as high as $0.00000118 at the time of writing. Following the recent increase in price, PEPE is currently down 1.1% in the past 24 hours.

Furthermore, in what seems to complement Neuner’s proposed indicator, Bitcoin has seen quite a notable retrace from its recent spike above $35,000. The asset currently trades at $33,620, at the time of writing down by 1.1% in the past hour.

Bitcoin (BTC) price chart on TradingView
Bitcoin (BTC) price is moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: BTC/USDT on

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