Best Qi2 Wireless chargers you can buy right now


The Qi standard was announced back in 2008, and it has become mainstream in most high-end smartphones in 2017. The wireless charging standard has become the new norm, and Qi2 introduces various improvements that aim to tackle existing problems with the solution. Qi2 works similarly to Apple’s MagSafe technology, and Apple has been a key partner in bringing this technology and standard to the masses. Magnets help align devices with the charger, making them easier to dock and charge, leaving no room for guessing whether the phone is actually on the charger.

While magnetic chargers, accessories, cases, and various mounts, and docks have become the standard in the past few years for iPhones, they can now be found for most manufacturer devices from third-party brands. And while Qi2 is yet to make it to most non-Apple devices officially, there’s a chance that we could see Qi2-certified smartphones become more widespread in 2024. In this post, we collected some of the best Qi2 wireless chargers, car mounts, and power banks you can buy now.

Best Qi2 Wireless Chargers and Accessories

pbi-Anker MagGo Qi2 Wireless Pad

Anker MagGo Qi2 Wireless Pad

The Anker MagGo wireless charger pad can charge Qi2-certified devices at up to 15W. It can easily snap to the back of compatible devices, and it comes with a 5ft long cable and an ActiveShield safety system that monitors the temperature all day long.

The Anker MagGo wireless charger is a simple Qi2 pad, enabling you to charge your compatible device effortlessly. It has a simple design that fits in any home, style, and setup. It comes with a 5ft long cable that lets you easily connect it anywhere. The charger also comes with Anker’s own ActiveShield safety system that monitors the temperature 24/7, providing peace of mind. The charger also comes in two colors, and a 24-month warranty.

pbi-ESR Qi2 Car Mount Charger

ESR Qi2 Car Mount Charger

The ESR Qi2 Car Mount Charger supports all Qi2-certified smartphones and accessories, including the new MagSafe iPhones. It can charge at up to 15W, and it has a secure, magnetic lock that can hold up to 1,600 g. 

The ESR MagSafe Car Mount supports the new Qi2 wireless charging standard, providing up to 15W of wireless power to compatible devices. It can easily be mounted on air vents or dashboards, and it also comes with an adhesive that enables you to attach it anywhere. The magnets help align devices on the car mount, which also enables you to change the orientation of your device to landscape and portrait modes, or vice versa. The charger has an air vent clip, dashboard anchor, and a 3.3ft (1m) USB-A to USB-C cable.

pbi-Anker MagGo Qi2 Power Bank

Anker MagGo Qi2 Power Bank

The Anker MagGo Power Bank comes in two colors, black or white. It’s one of the first Qi2-certified power banks that enables you to put your phone on a portable stand, which is also beneficial if you want to take advantage of the StandBy on iPhones.

The Anker MagGo Qi2-certified Power Bank enables you to take advantage of the iPhone’s StanBy feature. It supports up to 15W wireless charging speeds for compatible devices, and the power bank itself features a 6,600 mAh battery, enough to charge most devices at least once fully, and some even twice. The power bank comes with a 2ft (0.6m) USB-C to USB-C cable, and a 24-month warranty.

pbi-Anker MagGo 3-in-1 Qi2 Charging Station

Anker MagGo 3-in-1 Qi2 Charging Station

The Anker MagGo 3-in-1 Qi2 wireless charging dock provides not one, not two, but three different inputs in a small package. It can charge Qi2-certified smartphones, your wireless earbuds, and in case of this specific charger, even your Apple Watch.

The Anker MagGo 3-in-1 wireless charging station supports up to 15W wireless charging to Qi2-certified smartphones, and it also acts as a small charging station for wireless earbuds, and even the Apple Watch. The charging station comes in two colors, black and white, and it can charge your Apple Watch Series 9 from 0% to 47% in just 30 minutes. The device comes with a 40W power adapter that lets you charge everything at its maximum rated speeds, and it’s ideal for Apple users.

pbi-Belkin Boostcharge Pro 2-in-1 (Qi2)

Belkin Boostcharge Pro 2-in-1 (Qi2)

The Belkin Boostcharge Pro 2-in-1 comes in two colors, and it lets you charge a Qi2-certified smartphone, and an additional accessory, such as your earbuds, wirelessly. It’s small and portable, and it comes with a power adapter and USB-C to USB-C cable.

The Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 offers MagSafe and Qi2 wireless charging for compatible devices. The charging pad also has enough space to charge wireless earbuds, such as AirPods. The charger is slim, lightweight, and takes up a small amount of space, making it easy and convenient to take with you when traveling or on holidays. It comes with a 30W power adapter and a USB-C to USB-C cable.

pbi-Belkin BoostCharge Pro Qi2

Belkin BoostCharge Pro Qi2

The Belkin BoostCharge Pro supports Qi2-certified devices, allowing you to prop up the phone on the stand horizontally or vertically. Aligning devices on the pad is easy and can charge up to 15W.

The Belkin BoostCharge Pro is an excellent accessory for home offices to be placed on desks and tables. It can easily turn into a charging stand or a charging pad, and it has fully adjustable angles. It’s small and portable, making it easy and convenient to take with you when traveling, and it supports the iPhone’s StandBy feature.

pbi-Anker MagGo Qi2 Charging Station

Anker MagGo Qi2 Charging Station

The Anker MagGo is an 8-in-1 wireless charger, with multiple output ports on the back. It lets you charge multiple accessories and devices simultaneously, and it’s the perfect all-in-one super dock for your desk.

The Anker MagGo 8-in-1 charging station supports the new Qi2 standard, and it has three AC and four USB ports on the back, enabling you to charge multiple accessories and devices at once. It’s powerful enough to charge a MacBook at 67W, and the two USB-C and two USB-A ports make it convenient for charging a wide variety of devices.

Which Qi2 wireless charger should you buy?


Anker Qi2 MagGo Power Bank

Whether you’re after something portable, lightweight, and slim, or just a power bank with the convenience of having the new Qi2 wireless standard built-in, there are many options. The Anker MagGo series are excellent for those looking for something light and simple, while the ESR Car mount is perfect for cars without wireless chargers.

The MagGo 3-in-1 charging dock is best suited for Apple users who want to charge their iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watches simultaneously, while the Anker MagGo 8-in-1 offers the best charging station with excellent compatibility and a wide array of ports and plugs to connect up multiple devices at the same time.


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