Best Palworld tips and tricks for beginners


Palworld is a new creature-capturing open-world adventure game that has taken the gaming world by storm. It has sold millions of copies within days of the initial release. The game is undoubtedly fun but can feel overwhelming for newcomers. You can easily find yourself getting confused about what to do and what not to do.

It is the reason we are here to help you out. Check out these best Palworld tips and tricks for beginners and have a fun time exploring the sprawling map.

Build Palbox

Capturing Pals is one of the crucial parts of the Palworld but you will need to build a Palbox to capture as many as possible. A Palbox will let you store up to 480 Pals together. Isn’t that great? This is why building a Palbox must be at the top of your to-do list once you enter the Palworld.

You can build a Palbox once your character reaches Level 2. It can be done by visiting the Technology section and spending 1 Technology Point. If you feel your Palbox is not built in the right place, you can always move it to a different location.

Assign Pals to Jobs

Pals in the Palworld are not meant just to fight alongside you. They can do a lot of things on your behalf like planting seeds, chopping down trees, and mining ores. All you need to do is to assign the right job to the right Pal.

Pals usually start working on jobs they are good at on their own. However, you can always task manually as well. Walk towards a Pal, lift it, and launch towards a task that you want them to do. Just make sure that particular Pal is proficient at that type of work.

Prioritize Cloth to Survive

As you may have figured by now, Palworld is not all about building a base and capturing Pals. It is also about surviving against other Pals, enemy territories, and harsh weather conditions. Cloth plays a crucial role in keeping you alive as otherwise you could find yourself freezing to death in harsh cold conditions.

You can battle chilling cold with a torch but that takes up a valuable hand slot. It is the reason you should not ignore Cloth material. Clothes will not only protect you against unfavorable weather but also Pals. Wool is one easy way to get Cloth which you can get by either defeating Lamballs or assigning them to a Ranch.

Technology Points

Like most role-playing video games out there, Palworld rewards you with points for leveling up your character. These are called Technology Points which can be used for unlocking various recipes. Each recipe requires a certain amount of Technology Points to unlock.

It means you will need to be smart and efficient when it comes to spending your hard-earned Technology Points. This becomes more crucial considering you cannot reclaim the points you have spent.

Element System

Palworld is a world filled with Pals, each packed with its strengths and weaknesses. This is what makes each Pal different from others. They also have a unique element type which makes them stronger against some Pals and weaker against others.

It is advised to understand this Element system as soon as possible. You can get an idea of the same using the image above. For example: Fire is weak against Water but is stronger against Grass. This understanding will help you plan your battles efficiently.

Shield to the Rescue

Exploration and fighting battles are an integral world of enjoying Palworld and to do that without any fear, you will need to have a shield. You can craft a Common Shield by visiting the Technology section as soon as your character reaches Level 4. The best part is this shield repairs automatically when not taking damage. You can surely craft better and more effective shields as you keep leveling up.

Mount to Explore Faster

While you can explore the whole of Palworld on your feet, it will take a hell lot of time and you probably want to spend that time doing other things. This is where having Pals that can be mounted on comes into the picture. It will help you explore the map a lot faster than being on your feet.

You can have mounts for traveling via ground, sea, and even sky. All you need to do is to catch Pals with relevant saddle access. The next step is to craft saddles through the Technology section by spending points.

Fast Travel Towers

The vast world of Palworld has towers that you can activate to enable fast travel. It is helpful when you want to travel to a particular point on the map, especially after your character dies. You can get back to the place quickly and reclaim the loot you had before the death. It is also a quick way to go back to your base when you are exploring further away.


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