Battery Obsession: Is It Really Necessary? Exploring the Truth


While capacity holds significance, it is not the sole determining factor

I’ll begin with what I consider a pivotal aspect: the technical data pertaining to the mAh capacity of the battery. While some devices boast higher capacities, the current average rests at 5,000 mAh across various ranges. With many devices hovering around the 4,500 mAh mark. Exceptions include foldables or compact mobiles, where such capacities are less common.

Certainly, a robust capacity typically ensures extended autonomy. However, there are other factors at play. For instance, an efficient processor in terms of battery consumption, coupled with energy efficiency, plays a crucial role in maintaining a stable 5,000 mAh. Preventing adverse effects such as elevated temperatures that might otherwise degrade the battery.

In addition to battery capacity, the management of the battery by the operating system and processor is equally crucial.

The operating system plays a significant role. In the case of iPhones, despite their stringent approach to background apps, iOS is known for effective battery management. Allowing Apple to incorporate battery capacities that, on average, tend to be lower than those of its competitors. However, it’s worth noting that within the Android ecosystem, there are variations in the efficiency of different layers.

Another factor to consider is the intended usage. Each day is unique, and having a phone with a sizable capacity, an efficient chipset, and adept system management can provide peace of mind. Nevertheless, your daily routine might not necessitate extensive battery life as a general rule.

In essence, if your usage patterns don’t typically lead to significant battery drainage, opting for a high-capacity phone may not be critical. Instead, you might find a more suitable option with a smaller capacity that excels in other areas such as camera performance and, notably, a compact size.


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