August 2021 Report & Analysis. Before we even begin, take a look at… | by Alyona Shepilova | The CPAY Blog


Before we even begin, take a look at the total August revenue. What a perfect palindrome! The legend has it that it only happens once in a thousand years, so be sure to make a wish!


Total August 2021 revenue: €1,626,261
August 2021 Revenue share: €162,626
Share per 100 CPAY: €0.180
Distribution date: September 10th, 2021
August 2021 Revenue share in ETH: 58.4292 ETH


What a crazy month it has been for Bitcoin and the followers! Rising and falling and rising even stronger and stronger to break above $50k and finally return to where it began one month ago (just above $45k). Phew! Equally turbulent it’s been and for the rest of the digital assets (minus the stablecoins, hah!). Do you ever get tired of your favourite altcoins dancing to the BTC’s tune, or are you taking it stoically? Let us know your take on this — we’re dying to know🤓


And what about Cryptopay? Well, we continue to grow. B2B is up 3% compared to the last month, and B2C is up 4% (net of one-off effects). Easy does it!💪

Regarding card deposits, we see a new spark of interest there. Sales of the Cryptopay card continues to grow organically, and the card will sport a new design soon (not to sound our own trumpet or anything, but it is gorgeous :). Don’t be surprised when you log in on the web or via app shortly either — we’re preparing some fancy refurbishments there as well. We’re also working on optimising onboarding and GBP bank transfers — both will soon become even faster, more convenient and will work 24/7. Yes, 24/7. Finally!

Our B2B heroes are getting ready to take part in new conferences. Are we back to the pre-COVID world at last? Hopefully, Autumn and Winter won’t bring us any surprises.

Have you noticed that we’ve added 7(!) new coins? That’s right, sir, you can now buy DASH, USDC, 0X, MATIC, BAT, OXT and OMG on Cryptopay. Follow the link to add to your portfolio👍

Stay radiant!

If you came for the revenue share — you can withdraw it here. This guide will remind you how to do it.


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