Apple releases Music, TV, and Devices apps on Windows


Apple has released the final versions of Music, TV, and Devices on the Windows platform. These apps are now available to download on x86 devices running Windows 10 and 11.

Apple Music
Apple Music

Apple had previously released Music, TV, and Devices on Windows in a ‘Preview’ state. These apps were also available only on Windows 11, and not on 10. With the release of this latest release, the apps are out of their preview state and available on both operating system versions.

Apple TV
Apple TV

Music, TV, and Devices are the eventual replacement of iTunes, which continues to exist. While Apple phased out iTunes for the Mac with macOS Catalina, it somehow has continued to exist on Windows and also gets regular updates. However, the app is clunky and clearly long in the tooth, not to mention lacks many of the modern features. That’s where the new apps come in.

Apple Devices
Apple Devices

With the Music app, for example, you have access to all of the same features as on Apple’s own platforms, including access to lossless and high resolution music, something iTunes lacks. The TV app gives you access to your iTunes purchases as well as Apple TV+ streaming content in up to 4K HDR. The Devices app manages things like syncing, backing up, and updating your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

It’s not clear how long Apple will continue to maintain iTunes for Windows. Perhaps it may stick around for Windows versions older than 10 but at this point it’s likely that it’s not long for this world.



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