Apple is working on a 7-8″ foldable for 2026-2027


Apple’s first foldable device could arrive in 2026 or 2027, according to a new report from “industry sources” over in Korea. Its internal screen size would be around 7-8″, and thus it could replace the iPad mini in Apple’s portfolio according to some rumors.

However, its specifications and characteristics haven’t been finalized yet. Furthermore, Apple is testing a new generation iPad mini with an OLED screen, which wouldn’t make much sense if it is to be quickly discontinued to make way for the foldable.

Apple is working on a 7-8'' foldable for 2026-2027

Speaking of which, Apple is reportedly preparing to introduce OLED screens to its iPad Pro line later this year. An OLED iPad mini wouldn’t follow before next year.

Both Samsung Display and LG Display have purportedly provided Apple with samples of foldable screen panels in the 6″ and 7″ size ranges, respectively. Now it looks like Apple wants to go bigger for what could be its first foldable device.

Apple is working on a 7-8'' foldable for 2026-2027

That said, if or when Apple decides this is a go, it’s very likely that it will place panel orders with Samsung Display first, given its vast experience supplying foldable panels to Samsung Electronics. LG Display is likely to start mass production of foldable panels for Apple a year after Samsung, if Apple goes with a two-supplier strategy.

Later on, so presumably around 2028, Apple might also launch a 20.25″ foldable product, which will either be branded iPad or Mac. Of course the 20.25″ size refers to the internal, folding screen.

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