Announcing The Road To Devcon Grants


Devcon 7 is scheduled for 2024, and while the final location is still TBA, we can say one thing with certainty: Devcon is coming to Southeast Asia! 🌏

We can’t wait for our journey to Devcon 7 in Southeast Asia to begin and are happy to see that the Ethereum communities in SEA have been more active since we announced Devcon 7. It’s great to see communities from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam engaged.

Today, we are launching the Road to Devcon (RTD) Grants round to support the rise of new Ethereum events, grassroots communities, and educational initiatives across the diverse region.

If you are based in Southeast Asia, enjoy growing communities, developing educational activities, and empowering your region with the opportunities Ethereum offers, we encourage you to apply for support along the Road to Devcon. The maximum grant awarded is $1,000, and we encourage you to apply with smaller meet-ups instead of large events.

The application deadline is 30.11.2023, 23:59 UTC.

The Communities Build the Road 🏗

The Road to Devcon is not just a metaphorical path, but a series of connections and stops that bring people together and connect Ethereum with communities in specific regions of the world. During the last RTD, the path to Bogotá was paved by the inspiring efforts of a Latin American community that came together to organize various events across the region. These efforts culminated in ETH Latam, a one-day conference in the local language, and the Chiva Bus, a colorful stage at Devcon VI.

Along the way, we discovered new leaders and north stars for the community – each contributing to the growth and resilience of the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s these very individuals who enrich the Ethereum community with their energy and cultures.

We believe the Road to Devcon Grants initiative can increase accessibility and opportunities for people to learn, engage, and contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. Through the RTD Grants, we aim to create the conditions that allow the Ethereum community to thrive and expand throughout the SEA region.

The RTD Grants: Your Opportunity to Shape the Journey 👷

The Road to Devcon 7 is an adventure waiting to unfold. It requires Ethereum values-aligned builders, community managers, and communicators to make this journey possible. Whether you want to:

  • Organize community meetups,
  • Establish university clubs,
  • Conduct workshops,
  • Create grassroots communities,
  • Or kick-start local education initiatives,

The Road to Devcon Grants round aims to provide support to those ready to build. If a creative, community-oriented spirit drives you, we are here to back your endeavors!

To learn more about the eligibility criteria, application process, and other details, please visit the link here.

See you on the Road to Devcon!

Devcon team 🦄


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