Android Auto Gets Updated to Make Parking A Bit Hassle-free


Android Auto has just got a handy new feature. It will make lives easier for those who are not really good at remembering where they park their cars. Basically, the latest version will bring a Google Map-enabled feature.

With the update in place, you can save your parking location on Google Maps. The update is currently live, and the users that have the latest version of Google Maps on their Android Auto can start using the feature right away. So, if you don’t have it yet, get into the Google Play Store and check for an update.

More About the Save Parking Location Feature of Android Auto

So, the new feature of Android Auto goes by the name “Save Parking Location.” It will show up on Google Maps when you reach your selected destination. Once pressed, the feature will pin your parking spot on Maps. It will also save your parking spot location and other details on your Google account.

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Save Parking Spot
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With this Android Auto feature, you can just take a look into Google Maps when you are trying to return to your car but can’t seem to find it. It will guide you through and make it easier to find your car. Also, your Android phone will save the location to give you a reminder the next day. Thanks to that, you don’t need to wander around aimlessly.

Android Auto

For those wondering, Android phones have had this feature for a long time. On Google Maps, you can press the blue dot that shows where you are, and it will open up an option. Like the feature on Android Auto, it’s called “Save Your Parking.”

But it’s definitely good to see Android Auto picking up some of the driving tricks that Android phones can do. You can read more about this feature on this official guideline offered by Google.


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