Allocation Update: Q1 and Q2 2022


Community & education Blockchain Pachuca Meetup Blockchain Pachuca First meetup for a community group based in Pachuca, Mexico that studies Ethereum dApps. Community & education city3 Quadratic Funding Experiments city3 Implementation of quadratic funding experiments in Oakland, California. Community & education Cryptist One-day conference exploring ZK technology and the Ethereum ecosystem, held in Istanbul, Turkey. Community & education DAO Drops dOrg Support to execute the first round of DAO Drops, a retroactive public goods funding experiment that leverages on-chain data to empower participants to make fund allocation decisions. Community & education dApp Learning Project-based learning repo that enables developers with basic skills to learn dApp development using actively used OS contracts, taught in English and Mandarin Chinese. Community & education ETHBarcelona Community-led conference in Barcelona, Spain focusing on education, innovation, art, and creating positive social impact. Community & education ETHEcuador Meetup: Blockchain and the Future of Ethereum WorkingUp Meetup in Quito, Ecuador covering an introduction to blockchain and the future of Ethereum. Community & education LatAm Road to Devcon Community Support Ana Belén Monthly in-person meetups, weekly virtual talks in Spanish educating participants about Ethereum, and support with community activations during Devcon VI. Community & education Ethereum Tegucigalpa Support for Ethereum community development in Honduras including meetups, developer events, and Ethereum content in Spanish. Community & education ETHWarsaw Meetups ETHWarsaw Monthly in-person meetups leading up to ETHWarsaw’s hackathon in September 2022. Attendees can learn from web3 engineers, exchange ideas, and network with like-minded blockchain enthusiasts. Community & education Governance Learning Forum 2022 Other Internet & Orca Two-day virtual governance summit bringing together web3 governance practitioners and experts on governance and coordination beyond the crypto ecosystem. Community & education Devconnect H.E.R DAO Ethereum-based talks for womxn and other newcomers entering web3. Community & education H.E.R. DAO LATAM Meetups and Events H.E.R DAO Monthly in-person meetups hosted across Mexico and weekly virtual talks catered towards womxn. Topics such as the basics of web3, using L2s, and smart contracts will be covered. Community & education Open-Source Turkish Smart Contract Developer Course ITU Blockchain Open-source and free smart contract developer course in Turkish, teaching topics such as Solidity basics, frontend and dApp development, and security. Community & education Quadratic Funding at ETHBarcelona ETHBarcelona Quadratic funding at ETHBarcelona to support projects from the local community and fund public goods. Community & education Quadratic Funding at ETHPrague ETHPrague Quadratic funding at ETHPrague to support projects from the local community and fund public goods. Community & education Quadratic Funding Rounds in Taiwan Taiwan Association for Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation Running quadratic funding rounds for the Taiwan Presidential Hackathon and MeetTaipei’s WAGMI pitch. Community & education Spanish Ethereum Developer Program Platzi Academy Three-month program in Spanish teaching developers how to create their first dApps through online courses, live classes, group mentoring, and community events. Community & education The DAOist Meetups The DAOist Local meetups in native languages to discuss and learn about topics including governance, coordination, and DAOs. Community & education UETH Chinese Community & Education Program Unitimes Ethereum education platform targeted towards the Chinese community, with a focus on community building, course development, connecting Ethereum with Chinese enterprises, and promoting Chinese government recognition of Ethereum. Consensus layer Account Abstraction (EIP-4337) Alexander Forshtat, Shahaf Nacson, and Dror Tirosh Independent team working on EIP-4337: Account Abstraction via Entry Point Contract Specification, which circumvents the need for consensus layer protocol changes. Consensus layer Beacon Chain Network Stress Testing CryptoManufaktur Beacon chain network stress and scenario tests on cloud instances distributed across the globe. Initial development will assess viability, refine test tooling, and formulate a methodology for subsequent larger tests. Consensus layer Lighthouse Sigma Prime Continued development of the Lighthouse consensus client. Consensus layer Lodestar Consensus Client Chainsafe Continued development of the Lodestar consensus client, with a focus on light client R&D and JavaScript ecosystem tooling. Consensus layer Prysm Consensus Client Prysmatic Labs Continued development of the Prysm consensus client. Consensus layer Stereum Rock Logic Continued development of Stereum, which enables solo stakers to install a beacon chain client and dependencies in a single setup with support for all production clients on testnet and mainnet. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs BattleZips ZK arithmetic circuit implementation for an on-chain battleship game. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Building a ZKP Second Brain Formula Zero Support for publishing a series of ZK proof articles in the Zettelkasten method. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Differential Privacy and ZK Proofs Research Gonzalo Munilla Garrido Research in the field of privacy-enhancing technologies which seeks to bridge the gap between their theoretical specifications and the implementation of data sharing and analytics applications on Ethereum. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Gitcoin GR13 ZK Tech Side Round Gitcoin Support for Gitcoin’s GR13 ZK Tech side round, which focused on funding ZK applications, tooling, open-source contributions, and projects improving the usability of ZK technology. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs Proofs, Arguments, and Zero Knowledge Study Group ZKHack ZKHack’s education group to implement a suite of ZK cryptographic protocols in Rust and Python. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs TLS Notary Browser add-on which allows users to prove that HTTPS requests and responses originated from a given certificate subject through secure sockets layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) cryptography. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZK Circuit Performance and Security Data on Ethereum Brian Wilkes Data collection on the performance and security characteristics of ZK circuits being verified on Ethereum, with the goal of displaying pertinent circuit information within chain explorer tools like Otterscan. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZK-Keeper Browser plugin which enables ZK identity management and proof generation. Improving its functionality creating a Firefox version, enhancing UI/UX, and getting it ready for production. Cryptography & zero knowledge proofs ZK Proofs for Neural Net Classification and Accuracy Project to design and implement ZK proofs for neural net classification, which would allow the owner of a neural net to reveal classifications or detections produced by a model from their private information without having to disclose that private information. Developer experience & tooling BuidlGuidl Support for BuidlGuidl, a developer community and series of educational initiatives focused on onboarding developers to Ethereum. Developer experience & tooling Florida State University Foundation R&D on coverage and automated test case generation for Solidity smart contracts. Developer experience & tooling Merge Client Combination Testing Sea Monkey Extensive testing of all execution and consensus layer client pairs leading up to The Merge. Developer experience & tooling Node Launcher Decentralized Authority Open-source node deployment engine written in TypeScript that enables the easy creation of node deployment applications, with the goal of supporting all major execution and consensus layer clients. Developer experience & tooling Python-Simulation Engine & Testing Suite Development of Python contract testing tool with a full suite of functionalities to serve as a primary testing library or companion to Hardhat/Foundry with optimized backtesting and parallelized chain simulations. Developer experience & tooling SolidiKeY – Solidity Asset Flow Verification at Scale Chalmers University of Technology Solidity verification tool based on the KeY project verification system for Java with an emphasis on usability, scalability, and functional correctness properties specifying the relation of the asset flow with contract data. Developer experience & tooling Web3JS Library Maintenance Chainsafe Collection of libraries that allows users to interact with a local or remote Ethereum node using HTTP, IPC, or WebSocket. Execution Layer Ethereum Execution Specifications Guruprasad Kamath Developing a Python implementation of Ethereum, that will serve as an executable specification for the execution layer. The specification is a Python implementation of Ethereum that prioritizes readability and simplicity. General Research Academic Grants Round Proactive grants round funding formal research that aims to create more knowledge about Ethereum, blockchain technology, and related domains. General Research The Grants ( Ethereum Community Network Research exploring different public goods funding mechanisms for the overall Ethereum open-source community in China. Layer 2 ETH.LIMO Infrastructure Support ETH.LIMO Infrastructure improvements for ETH.LIMO, a decentralized gateway for resolving ENS records and associated IPFS content.


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