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Top 8 AI Based Copywriting Software 2021

It goes without saying that Artificial Intelligence-based copywriting software are increasingly making waves in the workplace. Some companies make the most of these software when they need to produce content for a specific topic or niche.

Moreover, it is also a fact that the digital agencies use the content writing software to generate all content for their clients. It is also worth mentioning that the more people talk about AI, the more folks get worried that AI will overtake them.

However, this is not the case in a real sense as AI is just there to enable you to work better and quicker with your skillset. AI based content writing software can be a huge help for any kind of business looking for some help with content.

Why is AI-based Copywriting Software Such a Big Deal?

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Let’s be honest and admit that it is rather frustrating to produce content that is exactly right for the audience as well as context. Moreover, you may also constantly run out of ideas and ponder as to what you should write next? Besides, you can also find it rather difficult to write creatively as well as strategically at the same time.

AI-based content writing software can easily help if you are facing the aforementioned issues while offering extraordinary help. They can easily offer support throughout the whole process while coming up with ideas to pick the appropriate words for your audience.

Top 10 AI-based Copywriting Software to Help you in 2021

You couldn’t agree more to the fact that brands in the 21st century adopt a truly content-first mindset that mainly focuses on content quality and content velocity. Besides, it’s estimated that somewhere around seven million blog posts are published each day.

While keeping in view such huge volume, it’s also essential that brands stay more ahead of the curve when we talk about using AI writing software.

In addition, these tools help you to make the most of machine learning to start typing, and then trust on AI to finish your sentences, carefully check your grammar, and most importantly craft error-free sentences.

Here is a list of the top 10 AI Assistant Content Writing Tools that are very effective and renowned. Let’s dive in,

1. Writesonic

  • Writesonic is a source of AI-powered programs that enable both startups as well as known companies with their true marketing copy.
  • The best part is that the software makes the most of the GPT-3 language model and has its very own Artificial Intelligence platform specifically used for establishing good-quality website content.
  • Moreover, it also aims to offer an output that is mainly focused on the audience. Its brilliant ability is to generate full-fledged blog post articles automatically.
  • Moreover, it also helps you come up with ad titles as well as bodies, blog article ideas, hero copies, growth ideas and also landing pages.
  • The reason why this software stands out among the crowd is that it can take your one-liners and successfully transform them into efficient content that converts into actual sales in just a few seconds.
  • It mostly analyzes and matches patterns from the input that you offer and uses them to produce a unique and interesting output. Moreover, it is specifically designed to comprehend your audience, so you have a copy that your audience can easily connect with. 
  • To create a Facebook ad specifically personalized for you and your business, you just simply have to offer the product or service name and describe it. The best part is that Writesonic’s Facebook Ads Generation tool will offer you innumerable Facebook Ads after one click.
  • Just in case if you want to create any other content, you only have to go through four steps.
  • The first step involves choosing a template from its huge collection of templates ideal for landing pages, ads, and other kinds of content.
  • The next step involves describing the product or service in merely a few lines.
  • This is followed by clicking on the Generate button to view several copy options.
  • The final step is to launch the generated copy so that you also get the choice to make necessary modifications to the generated copy or simply copy and just share it wherever you need.
  • The best part is that it comes in several other languages as well apart from English as you can also choose from Dutch, German, Chinese, French, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Besides, it also offers a free trial with as many as 10 free credits that new users can easily make use of to generate ads, landing pages, and also product descriptions etc.
  • As far as the starter, professional and business plans are concerned, all of these come with a monthly fee, distinguished amounts of credit, and also varied features.
  • The best part is that the latter two that are specifically designed for businesses, are highly equipped with unlimited credits. The subscription is also pretty simple as it is on a monthly basis and can be canceled anytime while it doesn’t require any kind of contract.
  • The copy generated with the use of Writesonic ideally belongs to you as the user. You can have full ownership of it and can make the most of it for any kind of commercial and personal uses you wish to make the most of it.
  • Moreover, Writesonic also carefully caters to custom features to cater for your requirements. If you have any queries for certain features that are not available at the site, you can easily get in touch.

2. Jarvis

  • Jarvis aka Conversion AI is yet another best AI-based content writer in the market while being developed by a Userproof company.  The team behind Conversion AI has opted to give the name Jarvis to its artificial intelligence.
  • The reason why Jarvis can be of great help is that it can easily write articles, Facebook ads, Google ads, sales letters, etc in just a matter of seconds.
  • If you want to write a long form content with Jarvis, all you need to do is open the long form assistant, offer a short description about the topic so that it can comprehend your needs better and  then Jarvis produces high-quality content in just a few seconds.
  • The best part is that the generated content with Conversion AI will not only be original but also successfully passes plagiarism tests.
  • Jarvis also got you covered in the language department as it knows 11 global languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, German, Polish, Portuguese and Italian, so you can create content in your preferred language without any hassle.
  • Besides, Conversion AI also enables users to flawlessly integrate Surfer with just one click (SEO software). Besides, the use of these tools also ensures that your generated blog content is also SEO optimized.
  • This awe-inspiring article generator makes the most of AI (artificial intelligence) as well as the AIDA and PAS framework to efficiently generate high-converting content only for you. All you need to do is offer a brief description of the topic such as brand and product specifics, related keywords, languages, tone of voice, and opt for “Compose” to start and then just look for Jarvis to take things to a whole new level.
  • Apart from long-form content, Jarvis also creates so many other things such as marketing copies, sales letters, Facebook ad headlines, YouTube video titles, Google Ads title & description, Amazon product description, and much, much more.

3. Word AI

  • While technically being a content spinning tool, WordAI has also got you covered when it comes to creating new content for you by rewriting the original content through word changing.
  • You can also keep the meaning as it is, but the new article is utterly different from the original one with respect to how the information is presented.
  • WordAI also changes every word in every sentence that is in your original article while ensuring that the sentence still remains the same in the end. This is owing to the fact that it understands each word’s meaning while also ensuring how words in the sentence interact with each other.
  • It initiates by reading and comprehending the whole article prior to spinning it according to its comprehension of the article. The main goal is to generate an article that is the same as a human-written one. Moreover, it can also create eye-popping titles for your articles.
  • Besides, this tool is web-based while also having API integration capacity. This successfully allows you to access it whenever you are. You can also make the most of this software and get the job done. All you have to do is to enter the original script, click the Spin button, and you are handed the spun output designed for SEO use.
  • Besides, one of the great features of WordAI is bulk spinning and which helps you create multiple articles in a moment. All you have to do is simply to upload the content as a zipped file. The tool will easily get back to you with spinned content in an identical zipped file.
  • As far as the standard spinner is concerned, it gives you three choices when it comes to the input levels of spinning quality and also four variations of the content output when it comes to suiting your requirements.
  • On the other hand, the Turing spinner has four input options and five spinning quality levels while letting you choose the title created by WordAI.
  • The tool can easily spin four different languages for you i.e. English, French, Italian, and Spanish. All you have to do is enter the original text in any of the languages that are supported by the software.
  • Besides, you can also choose the output language manually while there is also the option for WordAI that can automatically detect the language depending on your original content.

4. Article Forge

  • Depending on the East Coast of the United States, Article Forge is undoubtedly the topmost software name when we talk about article generating.
  • This software makes the most of Artificial Intelligence when it comes to creating articles that are advertised to have a quality level that can be expected of a pro.
  • The basic feature of this tool is top-notch content while it encapsulates the whole idea of the existing content and successfully comes up with a new one that ideally works to attract better rankings for the website simultaneously.
  • Besides, it can also come up with brand new content based on a keyword that you offer. Using AI technology, it ideally researches about your keyword, goes through articles about it, and comes up with a brand new article. This also offers you a completely unique content that is plagiarism-free and also SEO-friendly.
  • Moreover, it can help you out with your posting schedule. All you have to do is just to set it up, and the tool will automatically post your preferred content to WordPress according to your preferred schedule.
  • This easily helps put your SEO functions in utter automation. The tool is highly equipped with a vigorous API and convenient integration with other tools, so you can easily make a website in full autopilot mode.

5. Article Builder

  • Article Builder is a strong AI article generator on the list and with the help of this tool; you can easily automate your content creation process and successfully produce innumerable articles for your blog with a push of a button.
  • Article Builder has got you covered in so many aspects such as offering a full-featured API for the software developer while you can also access all the powers of Article Builder within your applications as well as script.
  • Moreover, it also covers a vast scale of niches and strives to offer diverse content for each topic.
  • In addition, the software also gives access to Super Spun articles and innumerable high-quality images for free.
  • They also guarantee cent-per-cent that created content with the Article Builder tool will be as many as 75%-90% unique.

6. Articoolo

  • For bloggers out there who are working on WordPress, Articoolo can be the most ideal solution when it comes to generating blog content rapidly.
  • The best thing about this Article writing software and AI content generator is that it offers a WordPress plugin while successfully making the process of article creation flawless and effortless.
  • Articoolo works exactly like any other automated AI text generator tool as you just need to type in the topic, and the service will successfully create the blog article for you.
  • While keeping in view the fact that this software uses NLP-based contextual algorithms, you can be easily sure to get a good AI article to initiate with, especially helpful when you’re experiencing any kind of writer’s block.

7. Copysmith

  • While being developed by marketing experts, AI researchers, and award-winning copywriters, this fascinating software does not only generate articles for you but also comes up with a description, metadata, ads, landing pages in a very short interval of time.
  • In addition, if you need any particular feature requirements, you can easily contact them while making the most of the Feature Request page as well.

8. Sapling

  • Sapling is AI writing assistant software that easily works with messaging platforms as well as CRMs. It works to enable sales and support teams when it comes to composing and sending personalized responses to customers.
  • While making the most of this tool, managers can also easily gain insights into managing conversations while training teams for ideal customer communication. Right now, the tool is ideally used by large brands such as TaskUs and Lionbridge.
  • In addition, Sapling also claims to address language issues and errors far better as compared to traditional spell-checking tools while using a machine-learning algorithm.
  • It also has the best autocomplete feature that can easily help speed up your process of drafting replies.

Bottom Line

While keeping in view the fact that a minor mistake can have serious implications on your brand image, it is essential that you create content that needs to be polished, precise, and also error-free. That is why AI writing software also easily helps businesses and startups while boosting the marketing process.






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