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The Breakdown

A laser engraving machine that combines remarkable power and exceptional speed, providing incredibly precise results while prioritizing safety, leaving no room for dissatisfaction.

Design and convenient

iKier, an innovative player in the laser engraving and cutting sector, recently introduced its latest breakthrough: the K1 Pro Max 48W/24W Laser Power Switching Cutter and Engraver, hailed as the World’s First Power Switching Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine.

Boasting a portfolio of over 200 design patents, operational presence in 8 global warehouses, and a dedicated team of 500 professionals, iKier has spearheaded advancements in laser engraving machines, ushering in the era of Laser Engraver 2.0 and reshaping the landscape of laser engraving technology.

The engraving speed of the iKier K1 Pro Max has taken a significant leap, reaching up to 900mm/s, a speed four times faster than comparable machines and setting a new industry standard. This remarkable speed maximizes productivity, streamlining engraving and cutting tasks for greater efficiency and safety.

In this article, we’ll delve into the specs and features of this engraving machine, giving you an in-depth look and a review of its performance, quality and ease of use.

iKier K1 Pro Max main features

iKier K1 Pro Max

  • The iKier K1 Pro Max features cutting-edge technologies like 48W/24W Laser Power Switching, Motorized Z-axis with Auto Focus, Auto Sinking Cutting, Resume Engraving, and an Engraving Speed of up to 900mm/s. These features collectively ensure seamless and efficient execution of engraving and cutting projects.
  • Switching to the 48W module enables the machine to handle a diverse range of materials, from 25mm Paulownia and 19mm Black Acrylic to 0.3mm Stainless Steel and 15mm Basswood Plywood, all accomplished in a single pass.
  • Enhanced hardware and software features position the iKier K1 Pro Max as a versatile tool suitable for diverse users and applications, spanning from architecture students, DIY enthusiasts, and carpenters to home workshops, educators, and laboratory developers.
  • The K1 Pro Max stands out as a robust solution for those seeking to significantly elevate their production capabilities. Its modular design, intelligent functions, high power, and cutting-edge laser engraving technology redefine industry possibilities.
  • Equipped with 48W laser wattage and Automatic Sinking During Cutting, the machine achieves a maximum cutting depth 35% greater than machines with the same power, without compromising engraving accuracy. The K1 48W boasts an impressive engraving accuracy of 0.01mm, capturing extremely fine details.

  • Eliminating manual focusing, iKier’s intelligent Z-axis enables autofocus by measuring the distance to the object and adjusting the focus, effortlessly focusing on an optimized platform height. The 48W/24W Laser Power Switching allows the 48W gear for cutting and the 24W gear for engraving.
  • Safety takes precedence, particularly in professional laser cutting or engraving applications. The iKier K1 Pro Max prioritizes safety with Flame Detection Systems alerting users to potential flame-related issues and a Child Safety Lock preventing accidental machine activation, ensuring household safety.
  • The machine also introduces an upgraded Automatic Air Assist feature, enhancing creative design capabilities by activating automatically during the switch from engraving to cutting, ensuring a seamless process that brings creative ideas to life.
  • Ease of installation is important, with the frame arriving pre-assembled and requiring only the mounting of the laser module and X-axis. The installation process is quick, taking only 10 minutes to set up the equipment.

iKier K1 Pro Max technical specs

The product iKier K1 Pro Max
Engraving size 410 mm x 410 mm
Laser power 48 watts / 24 watts
Engraving precision 0.01mm accuracy
Laser focal length 40 mm
Main board 32-bit control board with Wi-Fi
Operating systems support Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
File formats SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.
Interfaces USB, Wi-Fi, microSD card
Operation 4.3-inch touchscreen; LightBurn; LaserGRBL
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 650 mm x 750 mm x 222 mm
Price $1,999.00 

iKier K1 Pro Max: What’s in the box

  • iKier K1 Pro Max frame and control box
  • X-axis rail
  • Touchscreen panel
  • 24W/48W laser module and shield
  • Laser safety glasses (not certified)
  • Automatic air assist pump, air hose, and power cable
  • Power cable and power supply
  • HDMI cable
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Manual focus ruler
  • Assembly manual
  • User manual
  • Air assist guide
  • Keys
  • USB flash drive
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Allen wrenches
  • Wire clips
  • Bags containing screws that are labeled as “Step 3, Step 5, and Spare parts”

iKier K1 Pro Max assembly

The iKier K1 Pro Max aims to provide a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to enter or upgrade their laser engraving and cutting machines. With user-friendly features and an integrated air assist system, it serves as an enticing option for those looking to expand their business or delve into new material possibilities.

Although priced at a higher tier, the iKier K1 Pro Max does require some assembly. However, this process is not overly burdensome and can typically be completed in less than a quarter-hour.

Given its dimensions of 25.6 x 29.5 x 8.7 inches (650 x 750 x 222mm), the machine’s size may necessitate assistance during assembly, and sufficient table space is recommended for the setup.

iKier K1 Pro Max

The accompanying manual serves as a reliable guide, and the provided installation video serves as a helpful reference. While generally straightforward, a visual check against the video may be necessary to ensure alignment. Once the X-axis rail is secured, and the laser module is installed, the majority of the assembly work is completed.

iKier K1 Pro Max

iKier K1 Pro Max

For the final wiring, an extra pair of hands can make the process smoother. Although it can be managed with some careful adjustments. The installation video proves invaluable, particularly when setting up and installing the air assist system.

iKier K1 Pro Max test

iKier K1 Pro Max performance

iKier K1 Pro Max

In terms of precision, the iKier K1 Pro Max boasts an engraving accuracy of 0.01mm and delivers a 2K resolution small light spot when using a 24W laser power. Achieving the desired effect and finish in image engraving depends on your software integration, allowing for fine-tuning of options.

When working with images, initial experimentation is recommended. As darker images or those with more black may result in more subtle relief works. Trying different image presets and settings, especially with various materials, can help achieve optimal outcomes.

For cutting with the 24W laser power and thinner wood, it is often possible to cut out designs without switching to the 48W power mode. These combined engraving and cutting jobs typically range from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the level of detail.

Once all the setup is in place, the iKier K1 Pro Max springs into action. Showcasing the prowess of its laser engraving capabilities. A notable feature is its impressive engraving speed, reaching up to 900 mm per second. This enables the laser to swiftly carve through materials like wood, leather, or metal.

However, the optimal results may require adjustments to the speed and power depending on the specific material. Yet, once the correct settings are dialed in, the iKier K1 Pro Max consistently delivers compelling outcomes.

Also, the device excels in faithfully replicating even the most intricate details, ensuring that even fine lines are rendered with precision. It offers flexibility with three operating modes: the high-speed mode maximizes the device’s speed, the high-precision mode prioritizes intricate detailing at slower speeds, and the balanced mode strikes a middle ground between the two.


The iKier K1 Pro Max stands out as an exceptional and highly powerful laser engraving machine. Effortlessly cutting through or engraving a diverse range of materials. Its sophisticated design and top-notch craftsmanship are as captivating as its innovative features.

A unique feature of the machine is the ability to adjust the laser in two stages. Complemented by an almost unbelievable speed of up to 900 mm/s. The emphasis on safety is evident, ensuring users can work with peace of mind.

While the initial setup and adjustments for the iKier K1 Pro Max may require attention, once properly configured, the machine consistently delivers impressive results across various applications. We highly recommend testing it.

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