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Steering Clear Of Common Email Marketing Mistakes

While emails are easy to create and send, mistakes in them are equally easy to make. In general, companies seek quantity over quality, sending out messages that irritate the same customers they want to win over. Even small email marketing mistakes can pile up, worsening engagement and failure of marketing initiatives.

As your client’s inboxes are filled with letters from other companies, you must do everything possible to strengthen your email marketing skills to stand out and keep them engaged with the services or products you offer.

But before you start improving your sending process, let’s dive into what you should steer clear of in your email marketing.

Email Marketing Mistakes Overview

Avoid making the following mistakes to get more people to open your letters and, more importantly, take action that results in increased revenue:

Ignoring Deliverability Metrics:

Neglecting deliverability metrics, and you risk losing your success. Regularly monitor metrics like bounce rates, spam complaints, and sender reputation to address issues promptly. Improve your results with a high-quality spam tester from GlockApps, just create a free account and get two quick tests. Complete your first test and receive a comprehensive deliverability report that highlights your current situation and gives you suggestions to enhance your results.

Fail to Look After Subscriber Preferences:

One size does not fit all. Avoid a generic approach by ignoring the recipient’s preferences. Correctly segment your audience and tailor your email content to cater to different tastes and interests. Always beta-test marketing campaigns across various devices to eliminate quality and load time issues. Take a precise look at design layouts that allow the majority of users to view email content more quickly.

Skipping Authentication Protocols:

Today’s modern email authentication standards are not just for security; they are must-haves for businesses because they give you a way to the recipient’s inbox. Protection from phishing and other security issues is very important both for your brand and your consumers. Don’t skip implementing SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols – they build trust with ISPs. Explore timely email authentication with the Inbox Insight tool from GlockApps and boost your campaign results.

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Overlooking List Hygiene:

Regularly check your email list to remove inactive or invalid addresses, ensuring you’re reaching an engaged audience. Outdated subscribers list typically includes email addresses that are no longer valid, those who have disengaged, or those who have marked your emails as spam. These inactive contacts not only contribute to higher bounce rates but also negatively impact your sender’s reputation. Clean and update your subscriber list on time to accomplish your goals.

Pay No Attention To Two-Way Communication:

Nothing dampens the spirit of email communication quite like receiving a message from an impersonal “Do Not Reply” address. Failing to invite readers to respond and inquire creates a disconnect, prompting them to seek out businesses that prioritize a more personalized interaction. Craft your messages from a recognizable sender and provide readers with a channel for communication, incorporating a “Contact Us” link. This link can guide potential clients to a proper landing page, offering them to pose questions or seek additional information.

It’s easy to fall for these common mistakes, whether you are a business owner or an experienced email marketing specialist. The above tips help you to understand your errors and set your email strategy accordingly. Ensure that your emails pass all checks, and have high-quality content before sending them out, which gives you more chances to gain better results in your efforts.


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