5 Benefits Of Offshore Development In Poland


Companies in the modern, competitive market always look for fresh approaches to boosting productivity while cutting expenses. According to McKinsey, 87% of American businesses over the previous year were affected by a lack of skills. Meanwhile, Poland has established itself as a leader in offshore software development, which has emerged as a game-changing business practice. This article will explore the top 5 benefits of offshore software development in Poland and famous tech companies that already use them.

Famous Companies Leveraging Poland For Offshore Development

But before we get into those advantages, it’s important to note that Poland has already attracted several well-known corporations that use its offshore development potential:

  • Google: Google has a sizable office in Poland, drawing from the country’s large pool of highly skilled programmers.
  • IBM: IBM has seen the value in working with Polish IT specialists, as well as recognized Poland as a potential offshore development destination for setting up its office.
  • Accenture: Accenture has a significant presence in Poland, using its highly educated labor force to provide innovative solutions to its clientele.
  • Intel: Intel has made significant investments in R&D centers in Poland, focusing on many areas of computer science and software engineering.
  • SAP: SAP, a market leader in business software, has established a significant presence in Poland.

Now, let’s explore why offshore development in Poland is gaining momentum.

The Rise Of Poland In Offshore Software Development

There are several reasons behind Poland’s rise in the offshore software development industry:

1. Access to a Large and Skilled Talent Pool

With over 38 million inhabitants, Poland is home to one of the world’s fastest-growing industries: IT. The country has over 607,000 software engineers in its talent pool, which grows by at least 20,000 college graduates each year.

Regarding software engineering expertise, Poland is among the top 10 countries in the world, according to both SkillValue and the Harvard Business Review. Developers in Poland excel in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, and they are fluent in a wide variety of popular programming languages. 

2. Competitive Salaries

A software developer’s average income in Poland is far lower than in the West by 2-3 times. Compared to a senior front-end software developer’s average pay of $145,000 in the United States, developers in Poland earn, on average, just $66,000 annually.

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3. Favorable Business Environment

In Poland, there are two contracts for engineers to start with. The first is a standard job contract, in which the company hires the IT expert as an employee according to local labor laws. Alternatively, a B2B contract is a popular way for people in the tech industry to work together. Considering the B2B vs job contract in Poland, the developer is responsible for paying B2B Poland’s taxes and social payments in the first case. In contrast, in the second instance, a company withdraws and sends them, primarily at the developer’s expense. 

4. Cultural Compatibility and a High Level of English 

While essential to productive remote work, cultural compatibility receives too little attention. Polish teams will find communicating effectively and working together simpler since their culture is so close to Western Europe. When people have a common cultural grounding, it significantly lessens the possibility of misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Compared to the rest of Europe, Poland has the 16th-highest English proficiency level. Most local programmers have English proficiency levels of B2+, allowing them to have natural conversations with their international co-workers and employers.

5. Higher Education 

There are more than 400 colleges and universities in Poland. Twenty-two of them are included in the QS World University Rankings 2023. In addition, IT has been the most popular major among students for the last several years. Therefore, the country has over 60 higher education institutions that train IT specialists. 

Consequently, Poland produces almost 80,000 college graduates annually with degrees in computer science and related subjects, and around 80% of the country’s IT experts have bachelor’s degrees. 

What Is The Best Way To Get High-Quality Software Development In Poland?

Now that we’ve covered why offshore development in Poland makes sense, it’s time to discuss the value of having a trustworthy partner.

For IT product companies in need of new talent in Poland and other Eastern European countries, it’d be nice to consider the go-to IT recruitment & R&D services providers. They are experts in helping companies attract and hire the best software developers for open positions. They can provide marvelous results:

  • Guaranteed Results: In only one month, they can hire 5 software engineers; in three months — 20; and in a year — a whopping 100.
  • Long-Term Commitment: On average, the hires stay with their clients for 2.5 years, showing that turnkey R&D services is the next step after outsourcing.

As a result, companies that outsource software development to Poland may save money, get access to better talent, and keep lines of communication open. Working with your own R&D center will increase your chances of success in this competitive industry.


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