You can Now Buy Microsoft Surface Replacement Parts from iFixit


The right to repair has long been an ongoing topic amongst a lot of tech enthusiasts, and it’s probably safe to say that progress is being made with regards to the ability to do so. After offering Pixel Fold users the option of buying spare parts for their devices, iFixit recently announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to give repair options for Microsoft Surface owners.

According to an official post from iFxit:

Together, we’re working with Microsoft to bring DIY repair options for your Surface and beyond. The iFixit store now has genuine Microsoft replacement parts for the Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, and 13 other Microsoft Surface models in stock now.

In addition to parts, iFixit also offers other resources including disassembly videos, step-by-step repair guides, and other troubleshooting manuals that users might need while repairing their device. The company adds that replacement parts can be purchased as part-only components, or as part of Fix Kits which includes tools as well.

Besides Microsoft Surface devices, iFixit also offers parts for other popular devices such as Google’s Pixel smartphones, and the Nokia G22 to name a few.

Source: iFixit


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