Withings BeamO is a new at-home health monitor that can save you a trip to your physician


Withings BeamO


  • Withings has launched a new at-home multi-purpose health checkup device called BeamO.
  • It can measure body temperature and blood oxygen, take an ECG, and act as a digital stethoscope.
  • The compact device can also help maintain shareable health records, send medication reminders, log symptoms, and more.

Withings has announced a multi-purpose at-home health monitor that can do everything your physician does when you go in for a regular health checkup.

Called BeamO, the compact remote control-like device offers to check your temperature in a contactless manner, perform a medical-grade ECG, check blood oxygen levels, and act as a digital stethoscope. The device can also detect Arterial Fibrillation, heart murmurs, lung wheezing, and desaturation.

BeamO can not only perform health checkups, but it can also help users maintain a medication log, send medication reminders, track symptoms, and keep a record of medical history.

The device also supports multiple users (up to eight), so more than one family member can use it to keep track of their health metrics. Data recorded by BeamO can be shared with doctors through a PDF or Withings’ WRPM platform.

The device itself features a color display, but users can access information more comfortably on the connected Withings mobile app. Withings says BeamO has an 8-month-long battery life and attains full charge in just one hour. Users also get free and unlimited health data storage online with the device.

BeamO costs $249.95 and will be available in June after FDA approvals of its ECG capabilities.


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