Which Tech Jobs Will Be Most in Demand in the US in 2024?


The tech industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, both in terms of company growth prospects and job security, as well as the very nature of many roles. Much of this is due to the emergence and adoption of AI, and the various opportunities and challenges that brings. For many workers, job security is now more important than ever. 

Amid ongoing turmoil that has seen global tech giants shed thousands of roles, start-ups and SMEs have tightened their belts. Geopolitical tensions and the looming climate crisis are bringing their own unpredictability too, and as a result, professionals everywhere are seeking certainty. 

Of course, there are those for whom job-hopping is a strategic risk worth taking to land in a plum position with the best possible salary. However, many others are more comfortable staying in their lane, trusting their own skills and experience to get them where they need to be.

Reframing roles

A recent salary guide has reframed which roles will be in demand for 2024 and into the second half of the decade. Despite layoffs, tech companies are still planning for growth, and for that, they need specialized experts across a range of disciplines. 

Competition for the best people is high, and in many ways talented workers are in the driving seat when it comes to what they want. 

The guide reveals that 42% of workers expect salary to be published with the job posting, with 57% willing to take themselves out of contention if it is not provided during the application process. 

Thankfully, 83% of employers are willing to do so due to the competitive edge it gives them in the hunt for talent. 

So what are the specialized roles––and prospective salaries––that will be big news this year? 

Network/cloud engineer 

Salary range: $106,000 – $149,000

Network engineers are detail-oriented problem solvers who use a combination of tradition and innovation to overcome daily, often unpredictable challenges.  

Software engineer

Salary Range: $108,500 – $152,500

Broad experience, communications skills and attention to detail are essential for software developers, as well as fluency in several programming languages. 

Database administrator 

Salary range: $88,500 – $133,250

Database administrators carry enormous responsibility and can help shape a company’s future through their innovation abilities and technical skills, whether they’re building a database from the ground up, or taking over one that has been running for many years. 

Data scientist 

Salary range: $119,000 – $167,000 

Today, most companies are data-driven, and talented data scientists can extract enormous value out of data, which can in turn inform business decisions and lead to growth through data-driven decisions. 

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