What is the Future of Social Media Automation

What is the Future of Social Media Automation

Social media automation employs tools and apps for posting, content schedule, and engagement on social media platforms. These resources accomplish the hard work for you by managing difficult and time-consuming activities in order to offer a professional look to your brand on social media platforms.

But you should know that social media automation isn’t the same as using spam and bots to generate comments, likes, and followers. If you’ve been struggling to reply to messages, post, write social media marketing reports, or source hashtags, this article is for you.

Being a marketer and business owner, you need to invest more time to plan for marketing strategy rather than replying to messages. There’s an efficient way to handle the nitty-gritty of social media marketing without compromising your brand’s quality. And that’s social media automation.

With the correct tools sitting in your toolbox, you can make the most of your marketing campaign. You can keep your tone of voice, audience appeal, and engagement without the common burden or putting an abundance of time to do it.

Are you ready to learn the easiest way to do automated social media posting? Below are the top three reasons why social media automation should be your strategy for going forward.

1.  Consistency


Your content needs to be insightful and relevant, and it must be posted on a regular basis in order for you to gain better brand recognition and trust on a social media platform. Utilizing the tools for social media automation, you will be able to frame a content calendar and schedule content to be posted for weeks or months ahead.

Making a social media content calendar in this way will guarantee that you always have something fun to share with your audience, irrespective of your availability. Automation will also help you to regulate the time of updates and brand tone of voice across different channels.

Keeping a similar publishing schedule and content throughout the social media networks will ultimately train your audience and make you appear as a trustworthy brand that knows what they are doing. Due to this reason and more mentioned below, you need to start automating your content quickly, preferably instantly after reading this article.

2.  High Visibility and Improved Results

High Visibility and Improved Results

Automation tools offer you precise analytics that gives you a sneak peek at the success rate of each campaign. You will be able to view the data to boost future campaigns in order to achieve better results.

With detailed social media automation, you will not only be capable of posting content on a frequent basis, but you will also post it when a majority of your audience is online and is more likely to engage. This will undoubtedly increase your visibility, interaction, and followers, which can afterward be used as social evidence to dig deeper into your industry or niche.

Social media automation tools perfectly help you with engaging with all of your audiences in various channels all in one dashboard. You can supervise replies, mentions, and direct messages in one place. This feature presents more efficiency to link with the audience and answering their queries.

Another important feature is the chatbot, which is available in automation software. A lot can be achieved by utilizing the chatbot to reply to generic queries regarding your business, products, services, brand, and work schedule. In this manner, you can achieve improved customer service and further boost your audience engagement.

3.  Less Time-Consuming

Less Time-Consuming

Writing numerous social media posts daily, on each platform, is bound to give you frustration even if your strategy is enjoying an enviable success. So, what could be the solution? Simply utilize social media automation tools that will assist you in three ways regarding this matter.

First of all, the majority of automation tools are equipped with social listening features. This allows you to follow discussions involving your business or niche on all social media platforms in one place. By knowing the discussions, you can then come up with content ideas for all the social media platforms depending on the valuable insight.

Secondly, the automation tools save much of your time via the batch schedule. Crafting content to be posted in advance deletes the pressure of thinking about ideas and posting relevant content every now and then.

Not only this, but it also eliminates the stress of shifting from one channel to another in order to publish content. And lastly, particular automation tools employ artificial intelligence in order to create content, especially for you. You just need to approve their campaigns in return.

This service is the best time-saver as it smoothly discards most of the effort involved. Now, it’s time to get into the details of this resource.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Automation

Now that you are aware of the importance of social media automation, it’s a must to learn how to accomplish it safely and effectively.

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Automation


  • Only Share Appropriate Content

Once you are fluent in social media automation, you will wonder how you ever survived without it. And you will usually tend to overdo it because it is so tempting and simple to share everything and from everyone. But refrain from doing so.

Know your audience and share accordingly. Only share high-quality stuff that they will enjoy seeing and knowing about.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency on social media will offer three vital benefits. First of all, you will be in front of your target audience very frequently. Second, you will gain passive channel growth only from the channel recommending you more and more. And third, you will attain social media traffic, which is not as high-quality as organic and is still valuable.

  • Combine Content for Improved Results

Although social media shares become invisible fastly down the feed, for instance, the average shelf life of one tweet is only 18 minutes, it is still possible to overdo a specific post to the point that your most loyal fans get annoyed.

So, it would be a good idea to avoid this unless your aim is to alienate your audience as much as possible. While it is not a sin to share your best stuff repeatedly, spacing out is necessary for some months. Moreover, you have to combine your social media content with other users’ articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, and more.

Below, more is discussed on what you should not do regarding automation.


  • Don’t Share the Same Post On All Channels in the Same Format

There are three facts you should know. Every social media platform brings unique ways to promote your content, each network is different, and each channel has a niche community that can react negatively to the same post being shared everywhere.

In short, what Instagram folks dig, Twitter folk might hate. So, while it is okay to promote the same post on various channels, you should create unique social campaigns for each platform in order to form a meaningful bond with your tribes on each channel.

  • Don’t Schedule Too Much Ahead

While scheduling content is useful, there are some significant consequences too. For example, an unexpected sales explosion can occur that can deplete your stock. But if your scheduled post is still promoting a product, it will show out of stock.






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