What Are The Advantages Of Satellite Internet 


The internet has become a fundamental tool for carrying out various tasks in our daily lives. Most people nowadays tend to rely on the internet for one reason or the other. There are many options to stay connected to the internet including fiber internet, cellular data, public hotspots, and DSL. One such option is Satellite Internet which is a good choice to access high-speed internet if you live in an area where other options for Internet access are not available.

Satellite internet has improved so much in these past years that some satellite internet providers are even providing internet for in-flight WiFi services like Emirates Inflight WiFi and can give you internet speeds similar to those of cable. Satellite Internet is a great technology to access the Internet and here are some benefits of or advantages of satellite Internet.

Minimal Equipment Required

There is minimal equipment involved with the satellite internet compared to other internet technologies. Satellite internet differs from other internet technologies in the fact that it doesn’t rely on cables or phone lines to provide internet access. Instead, it uses radio waves to communicate with geostationary satellites around the Earth to provide internet access.

All you need is a modem, a satellite dish, and a device on which you can access the internet. Once you have got these, you just need to configure the satellite dish to receive the signals from your satellite internet service provider.

Remote Availability

As mentioned earlier, in areas where other internet services like DSL and fiber are hard to get or not available, satellite internet is the mainstay of accessing the internet for many people. Not having Internet access is unimaginable for certain people and it also keeps you away from many important updates and things. If you are living in a remote area where it is hard to get on the Internet through regular Internet services, you can rely on satellite Internet to keep you connected.

A satellite internet service will help you stay connected even in remote areas, considering that you have chosen a reliable satellite internet service provider. As new satellite systems are being put around the Earth’s orbit, it will soon be possible to access internet services from everywhere, including the most remote places. One of the reasons why Satellite Internet is used in technologies such as ATMs or in-flight WiFi services like British Airways WiFi is because of its availability in remote areas.


Compared to other types of internet services, satellite internet is a secure option. Unlike other types of internet, it relies on a completely different technology, which means that it is less likely to be hacked or intercepted. On other internet services like DSL, you share your connection with multiple users, and this connection, although secure, is vulnerable to getting intercepted, but that is not the case with satellite internet.

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To make things even more secure, satellite internet service providers use VSAT sides that make it really hard for anyone to intercept the signal between your dish and satellite. Because of availability in remote areas and the security of satellite internet, satellite services are often used as a complement to the terrestrial network infrastructure in various industries. 


Since satellite internet does not use traditional wires and equipment to provide internet services, it is less susceptible to disruption during bad weather and similar events. A satellite internet service makes use of radio waves to provide you with internet access, due to which it is not affected by weather-related disruption. Although a severe thunderstorm or heavy rain can result in weaker satellite internet signals because water moles can absorb the radio waves, a cloudy sky, light rain, or fog minimally impacts your internet service.


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