How to watch Private YouTube Videos

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos With or Without Permission?

It goes without saying that YоuТubе is undoubtedly the foremost choice when it comes to uрlоаdіng уоur реrsоnаl and рrоfеssіоnаl vіdеоs over the internet and which can then be watched by the whole world.
It is also worth mentioning here that YouTube is the second-biggest search engine and as many as 720,000 hours of videos are uploaded on it every day. The importance of YouTube can also be evident from the fact that more than a billion hours of videos are watched by users each day.

What is a Private YouTube Video?

As far as a private YouTube video is concerned, it is the kind that is uploaded when the creator doesn’t want every viewer to see it. There can be two reasons behind this kind of privacy i.e. either the video is meant for the creator only or just for a selected audience. This privacy setting can conveniently be achieved by transforming its privacy setting prior to or after uploading.

The best thing about the above practice is that it is helpful when you want to clearly save a video online just because you do not want to lose it or you have a plan on making it public in the upcoming days and you also don’t want the whole world to see it just right now. It is also worth mentioning here that in case you ever want to clearly share it with anyone you know, you can conveniently do so without making the content public.

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos with Permission?

  • It is really convenient to watch a video that’s generally been made private if you ask for permission from the creator. To put things pretty simple, it can be clearly seen that there is just one way to do it and that is to keep up with the owner and respectfully ask for access to the private video link.
  • The question that pops up in mind at this point is how to contact the YouTube video owner and the answer is really simple i.e. go to their channel and click on their About page. You will clearly be able to see their email address for any kind of business inquiries as well as social media platforms just in case they have shared them.
  • If they haven’t shared any way to keep up with them, then the clear choice would be to comment on one of their public videos or any kind of community posts. In case if they are willing to send you the private video link, you can easily share with them your email address. 
  • Once they send you the email and open the email, you will clearly see three white dots in place of the video’s thumbnail. While clicking on it, they will redirect you to YouTube and where you can easily watch the video.
  • You should also make sure to watch the video using the Google account that has been registered under the same email address you shared the content creator with. In case of using any other account, you won’t be able to watch it. This also clearly means that you will not be able to view it on incognito mode.

Watching the Private Video by Signing In?

Even if you have followed the aforementioned procedure but still not been able to view the video with the URL, you simply will have to go to YouTube and then sign in with your Google account first.

This can be easily done by simply clicking on the Sign In button on the top right corner of the page and entering your email address (the same one you shared with the video owner) and password, and you can easily watch the content.

It is to be kept in mind that the aforementioned practice is used to ensure that the special URL is not misused or shared with others as that would easily enable anyone with ill intentions to re-upload it as a public video and easily take all the credit and related royalty.

How to Watch Private YouTube Videos without Permission?

  • It may happen sometimes that the content creator rejects your permission to share the private link and which makes you wonder as to how to watch the video under those circumstances.
  • There are several sites that propose the solution i.e. alter the video URL. As per this direction, you have to open the private video and remove “watch?”, and this way you can clearly view the video without permission.
  • The problem with this way is that the content owner has most likely altered the privacy setting to ensure that the video be made private for a reason; they clearly do not want anyone else to view it.
  • That is why, it is ideal to find different ways to watch the video without the permission of the video uploaded. If you want to watch any private video without granting permission from the owner, you just have to follow these few steps.
  • Visit a private YouTube video that you are looking for.
  • Delete watch? from its URL.
  • The result will be
  • Simply Press the Enter key.
  • The use of this method will enable the private video to be unlocked and you will successfully be able to see it in the full window without signing in.

It is also worth mentioning that the aforementioned hack may not work for all users.

Can you Watch Private YouTube Videos without Sign in and which has been previously viewed on PC?

Just in case if you have previously viewed a video on your computer that has been later marked as private, you can easily watch the video through the following steps.

  1. Use a utility named Video Cache and View to get the video that was earlier downloaded to your cache.
  2. You will easily find thе vіdео іn а fоrmаt suсh аs Мреg-Dаsh.
  3. You can convert thе vіdео іntо аn МР4 fоrmаt usіng а sоftwаrе nаmеd GРАС.
  4. While usіng thе Vіdео Сасhе Vіеw utility, уоu саn easily рlау thе сасhеd vеrsіоn оf thе рrіvаtе vіdео.






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