This Memecoin Can ‘Rival Dogecoin And Shiba Inu’: Crypto CEO


Andrew Kang, co-founder of Mechanism Capital, has recently stirred the crypto community with his announcement on X (formerly Twitter) about the firm’s strategic shift towards a highly specific and potentially volatile segment of the crypto market: Trump-themed meme coins and NFTs. This move marks Mechanism Capital’s pioneering investments for 2024, targeting a niche yet explosive area of digital assets that intertwine the realms of politics and meme culture.

Leveraging The Attention Economy

At the heart of Mechanism Capital’s investment strategy is the concept of the attention economy, which Kang describes as the cornerstone of meme coin valuation. “Meme coins are all about the attention economy, and Trump is probably one of the best attention monopolizers in the world,” Kang articulated, highlighting the unique opportunity presented by Donald Trump’s omnipresence in the media landscape.

This strategy leverages the continuous and polarizing coverage of Trump, especially relevant during the ongoing US primary elections. Kang elaborates on this, noting, “US Primary elections just started so now you have a state/territory election every week or two until summer so he is CONSTANTLY in the news cycle.”

The implication is that Trump’s ability to remain a focal point of media attention could drive unprecedented interest and speculation in Trump-related digital assets.

Notably, not only the elections but also the court cases and indictments that are set to go to trial that could serve as catalysts for more attention, according to Kang, who further elaborated: “The federal election subversion case, Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, Georgia election subversion case, New York hush money case, Trump Organization civil fraud trial, etc.”

The Strategic Focus On TRUMP Coin

Mechanism Capital’s investment spotlight shines on the TRUMP meme coin, a digital asset that Kang believes has the muscle to stand toe-to-toe with crypto giants like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Kang’s conviction comes from the fact that TRUMP (MAGA) has the highest market cap.

“IMO only the highest market cap one will have any longevity and serve as shelling point for all TRUMP related speculation,” Kang stated. He added that the TRUMP memecoin also possesses a vibrant community and positive dynamics that surround it.

“Have spent some time in the main TRUMP group chats, talking with dev/team members and listening to spaces and all I will say is that the vibes are good,” Kang shared, underscoring the significance of community engagement and sentiment in the trajectory of crypto memecoins.

Acknowledging the inherent risks associated with meme coin investment, Kang pointed to the historical resilience of similar coins as a beacon of potential success for TRUMP coin.

He recalled, “There’s risks with all shitcoins, but it should also be pointed out that the main risk here is that Trump himself dumps all his TRUMP… That could either kill it immediately or it could go the path of DOGE/SHIB,” drawing parallels with the challenges (Vitalik Buterin burned $1.7 billion in SHIB) and subsequent recoveries faced by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Donald Trump Is A MAGA Whale

Supporting Kang’s bullish stance, Arkham Intel recently unveiled that Donald Trump’s TRUMP coin holdings skyrocketed in value, yielding a staggering 15,000% return. Initially valued at $7,100, these holdings have now ballooned to an impressive $1.5 million. This explosive growth not only highlights the speculative appeal of TRUMP coin but also its potential for astronomical returns.

Donald Trump's crypto holdings
Donald Trump’s crypto holdings | Source: Arkham

The TRUMP meme coin differentiates itself with a unique tokenomics structure, imposing a 1% tax on transactions. This tax is allocated to various causes, including US Veterans, Child Trafficking Prevention, and the coin’s marketing, development, and liquidity. With a supply cap of 47 million, the coin aims to strike a balance between fostering speculative growth and contributing to societal causes, encapsulated by its slogan “Make Crypto Great Again.”

At press time, TRUMP traded at $2.86.

TRUMP memecoin
TRUMP price eyes the 0.382 Fib, 4-hour chart | Source: TRUMPUSD on

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