Sony’s New Update Brings New Enhancements for the DualSense Controller


PS5 DualSense Controller Android

PS5 DualSense Controller Android

If you own a DualSense controller for your PlayStation 5 (or Android smartphone), then you might want to check if Sony’s latest update is available for download. Sony’s official PlayStation blog listed several new updates for the controller, as well as the PS5 console itself. The update adds some improvements for the controller’s audio capabilities, which are listed below:

  • Controller speaker enhancements. The controller speakers can now produce higher volume sound, allowing you to hear in-game sounds and voice chat audio more clearly.
  • Improved noise cancellation. The mic input quality on these controllers has been improved, courtesy of a new AI machine learning model. Background noise from button presses and game audio are suppressed, resulting in a better voice chat experience. Install the system software beta and update the controller device software to enjoy enhanced clarity of your voice chat audio when using the controller mic.
  • With this update, you may feel that the sounds coming from your controller speaker may sound louder. You can adjust the controller speaker volume from the control center.

As mentioned, Sony also rolled out updates for the PS5 including some changes to the Share Screen menu, as well as adjustable brightness settings for the PS5’s power indicator.

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