How to Schedule your Post on LinkedIn

How to Schedule your Post and What is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

Most of the marketers and businesses don’t take LinkedIn seriously like other front-runners of the social networking sector such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. However, the reality is that LinkedIn is a social media network that is flourishing by leaps and bounds with more than 500 million individuals across the globe and as many as 100,000 new clients joining the network constantly.

It is also pertinent to mention here that more than 20% of LinkedIn users are mostly senior-level influencers and decision-makers. Besides, you will also be amazed to know that LinkedIn marketing right now is one of the best ways to reach the target audience and possibly the best platform to meet experts as well as interface with them.

Keep in mind that the more extensive your LinkedIn lead generation strategy is, the more are your chances for contacting the target audience.

Why Scheduling Your Post on LinkedIn is so Important?

The reason why scheduling your LinkedIn posts ahead of time is so beneficial is because it makes it easier to ensure you have wide-ranging coverage of the week(s) ahead. Besides, you can also see gaps that could emerge and stay away from long content droughts.

While keeping in view the fact that assignments get mixed up, or the individual responsible gets busy in another task, or the office internet goes down, it is essential that you are done with the process in time.

The most important thing associated with scheduling posts on LinkedIn is that when you proficiently schedule a batch in one fell swoop, the person responsible for it can focus on other things while analyzing results and also optimizing future content. This could have a positive impact on productivity of your business.

Recommended Tools to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn

Some of the best media and marketing management tools can come to the rescue when we talk about scheduling your posts on LinkedIn. In addition to scheduling and publishing posts on LinkedIn, the third-part community management tools while integrating with our APIs provide a broad range of functionality such as engaging followers as well as responding to comments. In addition, it can also track brand mentions and crucial conversations while analyzing metrics and results. Let’s have a look at some of the recommended tools to help you schedule posts on LinkedIn.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a highly effective social media marketing and management platform that can easily bring all of your managed channels into one just central dashboard with a multi-column layout and also offer examining and engagement functionality.

The best part is that once you get your LinkedIn Page synced up with your Hootsuite account, you can make the most of the app to schedule text, image or any kind of video posts – individually or in bulk. In addition, you can also use Hootsuite to aim by professional parameters and determine results.

2. HubSpot

Keep in mind that social media marketing and ads management tools are all an essential part of HubSpot’s comprehensive inbound marketing software. They will not only allow you to schedule LinkedIn posts from the CRM platform, but also make the most of its deep features as well as insights to learn more about your audiences and also increase your targeting.

3. Buffer

Offering an intuitive as well as streamlined interface for social media management is the way to go and that is where tools like Buffer comes into play while wholly and solely focusing on simplicity as well as ease-of-use. That is why; you can easily schedule your post to discover it very quick and suitable to schedule content easily for your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page.

4. Salesforce

The brand could possibly be known for sales enablement products, however Salesforce can also be convenient for the marketing side because of Salesforce Social Studio that easily offers social listening, engagement, publishing and also advertising support. In addition, you can also make the most of this robust tool to schedule posts as well as review social stats.

5. Khoros

Khoros is also a great option that is designed as a scalable social marketing and management solution for any kind of enterprise companies. You can easily collaborate, thoroughly plan, publish, and schedule for LinkedIn within this exceptional platform, which enables workflow structure and exceptional visual analytics.

How to schedule posts on LinkedIn for free?

You will find it really interesting that Hootsuite offers a brilliant free plan that enables you to manage 3 social profiles and schedule up to 5 posts.

If you want to sign up to the free account, you need to register with Hootsuite and you can easily use your email address or also a social profile (Facebook or Twitter). Once you are done with registration and successfully logged in, you will see the dashboard.

This is followed by clicking the green button that says “New Post” in the top right corner.

After this, you will have to connect as well as authorise your LinkedIn profile and to do so, click into “Select a social network” field.

At this point, you will have to connect as well as authorise your LinkedIn profile. For this, you have to click into the “Select a social network” field.

Choose LinkedIn and then follow the essential steps to connect while authorizing Hootsuite to successfully post on your behalf.

The moment when you have connected your LinkedIn account you should be ready to schedule your first post.

For this, pick LinkedIn in the “Post to” field right in the top left.

You will also have to post in the text field and you can easily notice that as it gives you a preview of how it will pop up on the right hand side. Besides, you can also tag companies with the standard @name approach.

You can also add any media as you wish to include with the post.

You can also schedule a time for your post for going live with the “Schedule for later” choice right in the bottom right corner, this should be more than 5 minutes in the future.

Once you have chosen your scheduled time and date, you will analyze the green button switched to “Schedule”, click this and you will see your first post getting scheduled.

Besides, you can also view your scheduled post calendar under “Publisher” right in the left column; from here you can easily click into every scheduled post to ideally edit the content, time or delete it in some cases.

The Average Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

 It is more ideal to test to find your own data instead of sticking to a fixed template of best times. But the general guidelines would be a good initiation in the course of testing for the best time to post.

There are reasonable chances that these fixed times can easily work wonders for your brand on LinkedIn. So prior to moving on, you should find your personal ideal time to post on LinkedIn.

Some of the renowned social media marketing companies suggest the ideal time when brands should post on LinkedIn. Let’s have a look,

Quintly suggests that it is ideal to post between several time frames; 7-8 am, 12 pm, and 5-6 pm.

Oberlo opines the time frame between 10-11 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as the ideal choice.

According to Hubspot, the ideal time between 10 am to noon and Wednesday can be the best day to post.

SproutSocial claims that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9 am to noon, can be the best posting times for LinkedIn.

thebalancesmb suggests that it is ideal to post on 7-8 am and 5-6 pm.

Buffer proposes the time frame between 7-8:30 am and 5-6 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and also Thursday can be ideal for posting on LinkedIn.

What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Depending upon all the data collected by various social media management companies, we can comprehend that it is always easy to post on LinkedIn during:

Work Hours

It has been observed that interaction with LinkedIn is on the rise in the first half of the office hours while people cruise through the network ideally for new research, opinions as well as inspiration prior to indulging in their office work.

Office Commute Hours

In addition, it’s not surprising that people can turn to observe their LinkedIn feed while off to work in the early morning or coming back home i.e. 7 am-9 am, 6 pm-8 pm.







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